Canada has encouraged the U.S. to place on the list piracy

An anonymous reader writes Copyright, lobbying the United States, and the beautiful back room gets the Canadian response treatment front page news in Canada today that the Toronto Star includes new revelations about the right author by Michael Geist (who has a longer post with links to the cables) of the U.S. cable released by Wikileaks. The cables show that the former Minister of Industry Maxime Bernier raised the possibility of a leak in the project Copyright law for U.S. officials before he was to be tabled in the House of Commons, former Director of Industry Minister Tony Clement’s policy Zoe Addington urged the U.S. to pressure Canada’s raising on a watch list of piracy, the Privy Council Office official Ailish Johnson disclosed the content of the letters of ministerial mandate, and former national coordinator of the RCMP for intellectual property crime Andris Zarins advised the United States that the government was working on a separate intellectual Bill of application ownership.