S Walker Transport-electric practice (video)

from: http://www.engadget.com/2011/09/03/s-walker-electric-transporter-hands-on-video/:

In an IFA very distant galaxy saw the Chinese flag. And on the other side of the outer ring of the Pavilion China, buried among a plethora of steamers, curling irons, and goes on television, you can fall on the S-Walker – if you are just as likely to miss . And what could be an S-Walker? Well, if we said, it is a Speed-Walker Sky-Walker, whatever, according to his master stand German. Luke would be proud. Inferior beings can recognize it as a Segway KIRF , designed in Germany and China in their hands, just barely ten days ago. His greatest strength is the price – the thing is scheduled for retail € 2500 (about $ 3,550) in the middle of next year. We assume that what remains to be free-carrier power is here to serve the warehouse workers, couriers, and the millions of students each day the dream of zooming in on campus on top of a pair of motorized wheels, but simply could not justify spending an entire semester of tuition on a Segway.

We spent a few minutes riding the first (and only) functional S-Walker around the place deserted International Hall, and while many still a prototype, the vehicle battery felt peppy enough and answered accurately at the controls, suggesting that we have relied on the front and back that we have changed weight at the rear. You control the direction using a small joystick mounted on the handlebars, rather than leaning to one side to another as you would on a Segway. Designers maximum speed 10 km / h for the demo IFA, but production models will be increased to 30 km / h and is theoretically capable of reaching 100 km / h (but that will probably take a few hacks on potentially illegal your part). Riding on past the break to see the S-Walker in action. And that the force be with you.