Doom is now approved for sale in Germany 17 years later

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Doom can work on just about everything these days, but a place that was not very accessible during the past 17 ​​years – regardless of the device – in Germany. That finally changed this week, however, with both Doom and Doom 2 receiving USK-16 rating that allows them to be available wherever video games are sold. Both games had been indexed by the Federal Department of the country for Media Harmful to Youth, which has effectively confined to the underground market since their inception. The BBC said the ban was lifted because the agency now believes Doom to be primarily of historical interest, although he notes that Germany is the continuing ban on a particular version of Doom II , which contains levels of Wolfenstein with Nazi imagery. Like Doom Editor Bethesda Softworks, told Joystiq that he is obviously very pleased with the decision, and let the people know when he plans to actually makes the game available in Germany.