Heise ‘Two clicks for more privacy vs. Facebook

First accepted FlameWise sender wrote Yesterday, the new German technology site Heise changed their name as one of the buttons to format with two clicks (original in German). This will effectively disable unwanted automatic tracking of all pages visited by other websites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google +. Less than 24 hours later, more than 500 sites have raised questions about the technology. Facebook is now threatening to blacklist Heise (original German). As I read the story updated, Facebook has backtracked a bit, so black list can no longer be the watchword. An anonymous reader adds a quick explanation of the interface has changed Instead of allowing Facebook users to follow a (presumably without the prior consent) by placing a like button on the website in the usual way, as a gray button is shown. If a user wants to share or  as it must perform an additional click to allow the original Facebook ‘like’ button and get the desired behavior. This technique is obviously a disadvantage for Facebook, because the monitoring of behavior does not work anymore.