80 Archos 101 and G9 G9 hands on (video)

from: http://www.engadget.com/2011/09/02/archos-80-g9-and-101-g9-hands-on-video/:

So as tablets this week at IFA. Archos pair of Honeycomb slate may not have won the same kind of excitement that, say yesterday tab Samsung Galaxy 7.7 or Toshiba AT200 , but there are many interesting things happening with the G9 G9 80 and 101 . From the aesthetic point of view, they are pretty nice equipment for research (the 80 and 101 looks essentially the same except for the difference in footprint and size of the screen), if they are not quite on-par with the two tablets mentioned above, in terms of build. Among other things, they are a bit on the side and squat glasses large enough.

As these devices, the G9 tablets launch Android 3.2, but much less scratched up version of the Samsung device. And 1.5 GHz processor ensures that they can manage the operating system with ease. Archos tablets are also a few tricks up their sleeve group. Turn the device over, and you will find a crutch on one side and a slot on the other that opens to reveal a USB stick designed for the 3G business owners.

Also impressive is the ability to configure their hard drives up to 250GB – a pretty amazing amount in the tablet world. We got to spend some hands-on time with both – a video after the break.

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