Audi A2 announces electric car concept, uses lasers to ensure the safety of future humans

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Lasers do everything better, including (without limitation): the microphones , the kidneys and the electric Audi A2 concept. This latest flight of fancy uses a laser diode as the rear fog lamp, which projects a red triangle on the road to let other drivers know you are there. The German car maker has tricked out the rest of the lighting system of the EV and implementing beam technology matrix using LED and microreflectors – giving high-resolution, glare-beams and smart rear lights that change in intensity depending on weather conditions. Claim other state-of-the-art features such as gesture commands instead of keys, and brake lights shining more the more you press, it seems that it would turn a pretty sweet – if it ever makes it to market. No word on the other, insignificant details (you know, like what actually powers the thing) but there are many more on the lighting system of the car in the PR after the break.