JavaScript Toolkit V1.1.0 Released

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First accepted Submitter Mensa babe wrote Oliver Morgan, the original author of the toolkit JavaScript, or simply The Toolbox as he is known in the community, JavaScript, today announced the release of the much anticipated version 1.1.0, with better documentation and added support for function Citing the documentation of the project. [JavaScript] Toolkit provides many built-in methods and utilities to help enrich the library of JavaScript objects JavaScript was originally built for sailors and as such does not have a large number of methods of data utility. with are seen in languages ​​such as Python and Ruby. But times have changed and the JavaScript is used increasingly in server platforms. JS Toolkit aims to fill this gap and give everyone a modern developer needs to produce code fast, secure and tidy quickly and easily. The toolkit fully supports ECMAScript and 5 virtual machines running on the most important that we have today, including Node.JS, V8, Rhino, RingoJS, and many others. It continues to be actively developed .