PIGORASS quadruped robot baby steps last serious AIBO (video)

Are Uncanny Valley spread to re-creations of our four-legged friends? We’ll know soon enough if Yasunori Yamada and Tokyo University engineering team manage to get their bot PIGORASS quadruped beyond its first shaky jumps, and a gallop on. Developed as a means to analyze the system of animal musculoskeletal for use in biologically inspired robots, cyborg creature of the team gets its locomotion via a combo of CPU controlled pressure sensors and potentiometers. It can move like a rabbit (for now), but each member was designed to operate independently in an attempt to simulate a simplified system of neurons. Given a little time and tweaking (not to mention a fine, synthetic fur lining), we’re pretty sure this Wee Bitty beastie’ll scamper its way into the homes of tomorrow. Check fella Lil ‘in the video after the break.

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