LG 2.0 Hom-Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner intelligent practice (video)

from: http://www.engadget.com/2011/09/02/lg-hom-bot-2-0-smart-robot-vacuum-cleaner-hands-on-video/:

Smile, you’re on the Vacucam! LG Hom-Bot ( RoboKing USA) was zipping around its own special park on the stage to the company IFA stand today, pick up the occasional straw of dust and with his double to spy cams bloggers and the Germans, while diligently avoiding a family dog ​​plastic along its ten-square-foot cube of real estate. The bot THINQ intelligent technology to interact with an application Android or iPhone, you use to watch a live video feed of its top-cam, send it rolling to a specific point in the house Patrol mode, or adjust parameters. You can also connect remotely, assuming your Hom-Bot is on and has a WiFi connection. Official U.S. and the euro price and availability has not yet been announced, but an LG representative suggested that we will see in the range 500-700 € (about $ 710-995 U.S.). Cameras, and interactivity are nice and all, but it’s a lot to spend on any vacuum cleaner. Today PEEK trade show sneak is probably the closest we’ll get to that cheap vac, then run past the break for some great action sequences.