LG LCD LED E2391VR practice

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from: http://www.engadget.com/2011/09/02/lg-e2391vr-led-lcd-monitor-hands-on/:

When it comes to having the world’s thinnest display, competition is fierce, and technical details abound. One manufacturer in particular, makes this class leader claim more often than others, however, so it was no surprise that LG decided to show a world thinnest monitor huge room with its IFA this year. E2391VR is, as expected, incredibly thin. A 7.2mm, it is much thinner than the iPhone 9.3mm 4, So if you actually time to consider the side of your screen, you’ll probably really like that. But – and this, as with other models, can be a very big, but for some users – all ports, and most critical components are the basis of the TV. The 23-inch model we’ve seen is quite small for wall mounting, so that the base should not be a problem for most. It offers 1080p, 2ms response time, HDMI, D-Sub, headphone, and a contrast ratio 10,000,000:1 – and, well, it looks great too, many reflections were a critical issue for the exhibition hall light. No word on pricing or availability yet, but skip past the break for something magical PR.