Dell S2330MX ultra-thin monitor finds it beautiful, in fact just above average

Many Dell boasted, about 23 skinny-incher just got tested by the bods at HotHardware. Their conclusion? Sports 1080p display aesthetic glossily well and score important points for his lower back in love with 8.3 kilos in weight and 0.4-inch size (which buds to 1.19 inches around the ports). The panel is not twisted nematic standards and IPS will not satisfy pro graphics or photography, but the LED backlight gives a good light and a better than average black levels. Gaming has been hampered by small streaks despite the 2ms response time, while Blu-ray has suffered somewhat in dark scenes. While a pretty good buy at $ 250 – although you might want to check the source link to see if the S2330MX meets your needs.

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