Invoxia NVX 610 desktop VoIP phone for iPhone and iPad hands on (video)

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If we spend $ 599 on a phone for our phone, it needs to provide unmatched audio quality, device integration, absolutely transparent, and a drop-dead gorgeous design. Invoxia, a newcomer to the world of VoIP telephony, claims to have created just that with its NVX 610. The DTU uses an iPhone (or iPod touch or iPhone) app as its control interface – the hardware itself has only touch the volume, mute, speakerphone, voice mail and keys. Except to access address book from your device IOS, however, all the phone equipment is autonomous. Calls are handled using the built-in ARM Cortex-A8 processor, and can be done via Skype or any other third party SIP. You can also take incoming calls using the iPhone the handset or the speaker, but all outgoing calls are processed using VoIP, no mobile network from your iPhone. We took a look at the NVX 610 to the IFA , and certainly liked what we saw. Go before the break for our first impressions and a video (a bit noisy) intro from CEO Serge Invoxia Renouard.