Boogie Rip eWriting stylus pad (video)

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Hey, remember that new products in Electronics Improv as we told you about yesterday? We managed to squeeze in some time with the device today at IFA, and we have to say, we like what we see. The Rip (that the record. Image. Preserve.) Is the latest addition to the line eWriter Boogie, devices that allow you to write notes and drawings and can be wiped with the press of a button (think a more readable Etch A Sketch ). Rip high setting with the addition of a microUSB port, which allows you to transfer notes in PDF format on your computer.

Improv was careful to emphasize that the device is currently in prototype mode, so we will not hold too much company for the new plasticy feel of the product – if, if its predecessor is any indication, the final version will probably not too far of it, and the company confirmed that the final version will be the color of charcoal itself. And while the product is indeed plasticy, it certainly feels sturdy. More after the break.