8 Windows Desktop ‘Just Another App’?

CWmike writes Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft Windows and Windows Live division, said this week that Windows 8 will allow users to treat the traditional office as just another app that is supported only on order. When he unveiled Windows 8 UI in June, Microsoft said it would be with a first touch interface to compete in the rapidly growing market tablet. Underneath that, however, is a classic style Windows desktop. Having both of [the] user interfaces [work] together harmoniously is an important part of Windows 8, Steven Sinofsky said in a blog post on Wednesday, user interface style subway -. inspired by the design of tile-based Windows Mobile 7 – the first to appear when the user starts a device A. . this point, users reach a crossroads, If you want to stay permanently immersed in a world of subway, you will never see the desktop – we will even load it (literally, the code will not load), unless you choose explicitly to go there, Sinofsky said. If you do not want to … ‘PC’ things, then you do not and you do not pay for them in memory, battery life and the hardware configuration. If you use a conventional PC with keyboard and mouse, Windows users will run an 8 app to load the desktop, he said. Essentially, you can think of your Windows desktop just like any other application.