Updates STOR.E Toshiba external hard drives for PCs and TVs

Toshiba STOR.E range of hard drives just got a little refreshment, and a hint of color, at the IFA. It Canvio models come in sizes up to 1TB and sports a spiffy USB 3.0 connectors, while weighing less than half a pound in your choice of black, green or red. BASICS line sports all the same features and options, except for pre-installed software backup, but only comes in black. The PARTNER STOR.E is another external drive base with a USB 3.0 connection, but it is designed to match the Toshiba NB500 netbook and a series of color options to match (black, blue, lime green and orange). Much more interesting are the 2 and STOR.E STOR.E TV PRO TV – a pair of devices with HDMI ports and a graphical interface all the owners of which will blend into most home theater setups. While the TV 2 sticks with a traditional hard drive in sizes up to 2 TB, he opted for the PRO 8 GB of flash storage. The two SD card readers sports USB 2.0 and support for a wide range of codecs, but the Pro adds a Bluetooth remote with a QWERTY keyboard and full Web browsing capabilities. The TV PRO TV STOR.E 2 and will land in Europe in Q4 along with the partner, BASICS, and the lines Canvio. Check the battery of PR after the break.