Parallels Desktop 7 plays nice with the Lions and the cameras and developers, oh my god!

Today sees the release of Parallels 7, the new version of its popular fighting competition virtualization software. This issue plays well with its lion , runs multiple virtual machines and has received several performance tweaks – for the number obsessed, you can enjoy knowing that Windows takes 60 percent faster than Parallels 6. Players will notice a bump of 40 percent in the rendering of 3D graphics and video chatters will see that Windows can now access your Mac when it is dictated by the users OS X. low-end that have not Windows 7 , fear not – you can use Windows on Demand service to purchase a license via a user friendly wizard as, uh – Clippy . Fans will also see mobile Parallels iOS give you remote access to your machine at home, but be quick – the price is jumping into the sky from $ 4.99 to $ 19.99 soon. You can get the standalone version for $ 80 but people who are already using versions 5 or 6 can level-up for $ 50.