Samsung i727 shows the decision of the FCC, AT and T confesses his secret LTE

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Looks like Sammy ready to bring one of his pistols large galaxy race 4G AT and T. The handset mystery, with the model number SGH-i727 and the FCC ID A3LSGHi727 just popped up on the databases of the Commission to give us a glimpse of her womb and bolts. While we can not completely speculating on the size of the phone screen, the documents show the packing 850 / 1900 of the carrier orange band WCDMA and HSPA, in addition to his particular brand of 700MHz LTE and (surprise) LTE AWS – you know, if the acquisition of T-Mobile is without. Of course there are the usual WiFi and Bluetooth mention in the literature, with the device powered by a 1500mAh battery. Could it be one of the recently announced OEM devices prodigy R Galaxy, or simply an update to its 4G first series of S ? We will keep an eagle eye for the inevitable one is in-the-wild debut.