Creative distributes gaming headsets Sound Blaster audio platform Recon3D / sound cards

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Creative is not going to force phonetics, once upon a time, but it is still a respected name when it comes to headsets and – gasp! – Sound cards. Here at IFA , the costume has released a new range of Sound Blaster (yeah, seriously) gaming headsets for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Mac. The 360 ​​Sound Blaster friendly Tactic360 Sigma is revealed with a banner design and 50mm steel core audio drivers, not to mention the voice and audio controls separate game. Moving right along, the ION Tactic360 refined with a pair of 40mm drivers, while the wireless Wrath Tactic3D is for Mac / PC users who prefer not to sweat the whole cable thing. The Wireless Tactic3D Omega is the same for console gamers, and for those in love with Three-Dee, the new holding of the platform Recon3D audio / sounds sound cards give you reason to celebrate. All details are posted after the break for those who are strangely intrigued.