Samsung MV800 MultiView camera hands-on (video)


There’s nothing all that exciting about most point-and-shoot cameras. You point, they pull, end of story. But Samsung has been making things happen lately. First, the TL220 and TL225 added a second, 1.5-inch LCD on the front of the camera, making up to 2009, the company DualView camera range. We never really saw anyone using them on the street, but officials insist Samsung they were an unqualified success. Well okay then. This year, the ESC-distance shooting helped the company SH100 , which lets you use an Android smartphone from Samsung to frame, zoom, and capture images via WiFi. A rather unpleasant period is not a blockbuster of this function, but this stuff is quite imaginative.

Now this week at IFA , the company has just introduced yet another completely original design camera (and practice) with MV800. Image quality of the camera is not much to speak of (although we only had the chance to use a pre-production model), but its flip-up LCD MultiView is really fantastic – the concept, at least. The 16.1-megapixel cam all 3-inch capacitive touch flips to flush with the back up to an angle of 180 degrees (and nothing in between), making it possible not only to draw perfectly framed self-portraits, but also have a direct view of the screen while shooting both below and above eye level. We like to see manufacturers continue to push the envelope when it comes to innovation, but how do MV800 $ 279 together? Go before the break for our impressions.