Update Samsung Smart TV will feature YouTube videos in 3D

from: http://www.engadget.com/2011/09/01/samsungs-smart-tv-update-will-feature-youtube-3d-videos/:

Today at IFA 2011, one of many announcements from Samsung is an update that puts televisions breasts intelligent library of YouTube videos in 3D front and center for users of flux. So far one of the major challenges for owners of 3DTV has been a lack of content, but as he launched a support for 3D video two years ago , YouTube has amassed a library of videos both professionally developed and generated by the user for viewing. LG HDTV has added access to 3D content on the site earlier this year, and the update should occur across the range Samsung through the second half of 2011. We spoke with one of the engineer responsible for the initial deployment of 3D support for YouTube, Pete Bradshaw, and he mentioned how the project as one of the famous Google 20 percent of the projects that been working on the side, but has now established a support team to support multiperson, and a rapidly increasing number of spectators and creators of video content uploaded to the service. The intention is to make 3D viewing as easy as looking at something else, once users of 3D film with their phone or camera, they can download and watch YouTube on your TV (or mobile device) without regard to format and technology involved. We are still within walking distance of the magic bullet that removes the current barriers to wider acceptance in 3D on the market, but if you’re one of the adopters (not so early at this stage) with the material for the handle, you’ll probably enjoy all that makes content more readily available. Check after the break for the press release and a sample of some videos to check.