Leakage of honor Huawei in nature, is preparing for the ascent to the throne lighthouse?

Huawei handsets can not get the high-profile, equipment stateside attention to other subject, but that’s no reason for us to turn a blind eye to the efforts of the company. Spotted in the wild with a spec list accompanying the honor (or U8860) for packages with a 1.4GHz processor allegedly FWVGA 4-inch LCD screen, 5 megapixel rear-facing camera capable of 720p video, a thickness of 9.9 mm and an unknown number of Android version 2.3. Judging from Europe and Asia UMTS phones only 900MHz / 2100MHz bands, it is very likely that we will not have the honor
of seeing rumors the company’s flagship device by North American shores. We will keep an eye and let you know if we catch him slipping through the FCC arms .

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