Hackers may have caught more than 200 SSL Certificates

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CWmike wrote The pirates may have obtained more than 200 digital certificates from a Dutch company, after breaking into its network, including Mozilla, Yahoo and Tor – a number considerably higher than DigiNotar acknowledged earlier this week when he says several dozen certificates were acquired by attackers. Among the certificates acquired by the attackers hack in mid-July to DigiNotar source of Van de Looy said, were those applicable to mozilla.com, and yahoo.com torproject.org, a system that lets people connect to Web anonymously. Mozilla has confirmed that a certificate for its add-on site had been obtained by the attackers DigiNotar. DigiNotar informed us that they issued fraudulent certificates addons.mozilla.org in July, and call in a few days of issue, Johnathan Nightingale, director of Firefox development, said Wednesday the number. Looy is similar to the count of certificates that Google has blacklisted in Chrome.