Book Review: CoffeeScript: accelerated development JavaScript

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Michael J. Ross writes: For decades, programmers have written computer code in one language, then translates the programming code in another, lower-level form (usually machine code that can be executed directly by a microprocessor, or some kind of bytecode can be interpreted by a virtual machine). For the source code, for example, written in C or C + + is compiled and assembled into machine code. In web programming, there is emergence of languages ​​and other tools to translate the code in JavaScript. For example, Google Web Toolkit allows programmers to create web applications in Java. The latest addition to this category is CoffeeScript, a language that can be compiled to JavaScript, and is intended to reduce the size of the source code and clutter by incorporating some of the best operators from other Web scripting languages, especially Ruby It is also the subject of a new tutorial CoffeeScript: .. accelerated development JavaScript Read on to know what Michael thinks about this book.