Fujitsu waterproof Arrows Tab LTE F-01D to launch next month, DoCoMo

First rule of expensive electronic equipment 101 is not get’em wet. For the Japanese, however, a waterproof gadget option a home value-added time to soak in this Ofuro.
We first got a glimpse of DoCoMo H2O resistant LTE Fujitsu tablet just last week, and now the company making the official announcement. Join the arrows LTE Tab F-01D on the carrier’s new 4G Xi (read: crossy) network is our good friend Samsung, the Galaxy tab 10.1 LTE SC-01D. The two slates are set to hit the airwaves Japanese operator next month, bowing with Sammy in early October and landing model Fujitsu few weeks later. As we already know all the internal guts and glory of the previous tab, we finally have confirmation requirements on the arrows. The 10.1 incher has a WXGA display, dual-core processor running Android 3.2, 1.3 megapixel front / 5 megapixel camera setup back up to 32 GB of storage and that the seal always helpful. Try not to be too jealous, statesiders – there is always that glimmer of hope for the filing of the FCC .