HP Pavilion dm1 refreshes with a new design, Intel ULV CPU Core i3 (video)

Eight months is the year of dog in the world of consumer electronics and yet we still have a weakness

for HP Pavilion dm1 , a very cheap 11.6-inch ultraportable that ushered in the AMD Fusion chips long overdue. HP has announced the second generation model, which includes some refreshments spec bumps, and a new design and a software add-ons (because we loved so much bloatware load in the original!). Setting increases performance out of the way, it will now be offered with a processor Ultra Low Voltage Core i3, while blending options now include the E-300 and E-450 chips (so far, it has been sold with the E – 350). AMD will launch versions for $ 399 with the Core model i3 fetching $ 599 or more. For some reason, even HP does not seem able to explain, the Intel version will come with an external optical drive, but models of AMD will not. At least you know you’ll get more Intel brand name for these extra two hundred dollars. The version with the black, non-reflective cover will go on sale this fall, with the number brighter charcoal available earlier. Until then have a look at our hands, bumps and go with the video.