Hitachi CinemaStar and Deskstar drives up to 1TB flat on one plate

No self-respecting drive head wants to travel beyond the bare minimum to get the bloody MP3 you just clicked. That is why the effort to cram Hitachi 1 TB on a single plate with a cozy 569 gigabits per square inch is a lot of sense: it reduces the distance between the blocks of data, thus improving the rate on the hard drive sequential transfer, while reducing consumption of calories. You will find these ultra-dense disk in the new 1TB Deskstar 7k1000.D 5k1000.B and models that started shipping today and in the range CinemaStar come later this fall. Of course, Seagate came first , but we will be happy to overlook this fact when Hitachi decided to use a whopper five 5TB plate to go with our lettuce. Features in the PR after the break.