First test observation of the “Multiverse”

“The theory that our universe is contained in a bubble, and many alternative universes exist within their own bubble – that constitute the” multiverse “- is being tested by physicists observationally UK , looking disc-shaped collision trends in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation. Although CMB is generally considered a schmear uniform radiation extending in all directions in our universe, in fact, they say, if a multiverse exists, there should be prints, trapped in the mud, like fingerprints from which our universe banged in others. “

Replacing Political Correctness Spiderman

“In the last series of Marvel Comics’ ultimate Fallout,” Miles Morales replaces Peter Parker who was killed by the Green Goblin. Morales is half black, half-Latino youth, and the creators have not excluded that it might be gay From the article: … Marvel editor Axel Alonso Chief denied having a black Spider-Man was a publicity stunt, “What you have is a Spider-Man for the 21st Century which is a reflection of our culture and diversity as someone who grew up on a steady diet of Luke Cage, Hero for Hire and Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu, I am personally invested, he said. “

Get Cyber-Mercenaries Suggests Ex NSA, CIA Director

“One of the architects of U.S. foreign policy under George W. Bush, General Michael Hayden, suggested that the U.S. government should consider establishing a “Digital Blackwater” in a conversation at an event called the Security Forum of Aspen. Blackwater was the U.S. military private group founded in 1997 and was renamed Xe Services LLC, a gesture that may be related to a number of controversies that arose after the company has expanded its operations related to security in Iraq and Afghanistan. recruitment of mercenaries, Hayden suggested “could be one of those great ideas in terms of how we should conduct ourselves in this new cyber domain.”

Microsoft to pay $ 200k Prize for New Safety Tech

“In the face of mounting external pressure to start paying premiums of bugs, Microsoft is instead of launching a new program that will pay a $ 200 000 over a security researcher who develops security technology the most innovative defensive. The program is designed to “inspire researchers to focus their talents on the defensive technologies,” the company said. Known as the Blue Hat Award after the company’s regular conference-house research, the program will focus in its first year the researchers go to the design of a novel delivery technology to defend against memory security vulnerabilities. responsible for the security of Microsoft said that rather than paying for individual bugs of how to Other companies such as Google, Mozilla and others do, they wanted to encourage researchers to explore ways of overcoming whole classes of bugs. “

The epidemic of digital entertainment

“Almost no one does one thing more. The screens will not let us. And in a burst of incredible human evolution, our minds have become accustomed to monitoring multiple entries at once. Yeah, you read this post. But we are nearly three paragraphs in. So if you’re like me, this is the time to check Twitter, as additions to your Google circles more, read a handful of new incoming messages, and consistent on a couple of during IM conversations. But we pay less attention to important details? “

Samsung unveils new tab Galaxy 10.1 Accessories: Docking multimedia, HDTV adapter, case, and more

Today, Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 event in New York was not just about software – okay, it was mainly about software, but the company also unveiled a slew of accessories Android’s slick tablet. At the top of the list is a number of new docks for the slate, including a multimedia dock $ 50, which props the device in landscape mode while charging and offering an HDMI output. The productivity tool for $ 80 Ultra, meanwhile, also accuses the unit and includes a full-size keyboard with shortcut keys Android. The Protective cover transforms the $ 150 tab in a notebook of fortune with a Bluetooth keyboard size and a hinge that allows the user to adjust the viewing angle of the tab.

A new $ 40 adapter HDTV 1080p tablet gives the HDMI output. The company also announced an SD card adapter for $ 40 and a USB input for easy attachment. For $ 60, owners can pick up the tab book cover Premium, a high-end event for the device that allows you to support him for typing or watching movies. And somewhere in the distance we could hear Steve Jobs audible shudder when the company unveiled a stylus to the device. The pen has an aluminum body and a silicon tip, for when you need to give your fingers a break. It will run you $ 20, and unfortunately will not include meat

E FUN aPen A3 pen scribble scanned brings Android, BlackBerry users (video)

Students heading back to school this week will launch a new stylus in their backpacks, now that E has released its FUN aPen A3 digital pen. The last company taker is essentially like Livescribe for Android and BlackBerry, allowing authors to scan and save their handwritten letters directly to their devices via Bluetooth. Compatible with Android and BlackBerry OS 4.6 and above, the tool also provides a picture drawing function that allows users to scribble on digital images stored in their smart phones, PC or Mac. If you are interested in getting your own A3 Apen, hit up the link source, where you can buy one for $ 130. If not, head after the break for a video tutorial, with the full press release.

Tech develop nuclear power for Moon and Mars

With its first bid accepted Slashdot, Zandamesh sends this excerpt from ZDNet: “On Earth, nuclear reactors are under attack because of concerns about damage caused by natural disasters in space, however, nuclear technology can get a new lease on life .. plans first nuclear power plant to generate electricity for use by the bases with or without crew on the Moon, Mars and other planets were announced at the 242nd session national exhibition of the American Chemical Society. “The reactor itself may be about 1 ½ feet wide by 2 ½ feet high, about the size of hand luggage. There are no tricks cooling. … The team plans to build a technology demonstration unit in 2012. “

The quest for EV fast charging standard

An anonymous reader writes “This article explores one of the stumbling blocks currently facing the adoption EV:” Of course, there are already charging stations in public service, and new ones are coming online daily But they generally take several hours to fully replenish a battery .. Consequently, the battery capacity is growing rapidly – by using a compatible charger Direct fast flowing, the leaves can recharge to 80 percent within 30 minutes – could become a major point of differentiation between electric models, but the availability of points rapid charge. was supported in part by the absence of an agreement between car manufacturers on a universal method for fast charging -. or even a single electrical connector “

Fujitsu to release waterproof Tab arrows F-01D on NTT DoCoMo LTE tablet?

If you have spent time in the recent rain as many of us, you recognize the value of waterproof clothing. And Fujitsu Tab F-01D flight arrows tablet it is too, packing a 10.1-inch WXGA, TI IMAP4430 1GHz dual-core processor, and Android 3.2 Honeycomb – all in a single box, waterproof. The yet-to-be-announced device is rumored to be launching on Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo in September, and may include UMTS, HSPA and LTE connectivity with GSM and GPRS roaming compatibility abroad. There is also a pair of CMOS cameras, 16GB of onboard storage, micro-USB connector for standard headphones (with waterproof covers, we assume), and a microSD card slot. We have not received word on price right away, or whether the device can survive the deep diving or just occasional splashes, but if oddly named tab arrows is foreseen to start at Japan next month, we imagine these details are bubbling to the surface every day now.

LG 3D Game Converter adds depth to the regular 2D games

Spoiler alert! Instead of waiting to surprise people at IFA this week, LG has unveiled details of its new 3D game Converter for the 3D Optimus earlier. The software comes as part of the maintenance release in October, promising to take any OpenGL game that turns into the landscape and convert it into 3D. About 50 games will come with pre-optimized settings – you twist the rest. Open any game in the application and it will try to divide the foreground and background and recombine both in 3D. Feel your eyes of passage and a set of headaches just by thinking about playing this way? No worries, they are all still playable in 2D as well. Mouse over past the break to find the press release that without thinking, LG has released rather than 2D.

AT & T, Verizon and T-Mobile’s Big Bet on mobile payments

An anonymous reader writes “Bloomberg reports that AT & T, Verizon and T-Mobile USA will be dumping $ 100 million in the development of mobile payment system, Isis, in an effort to battle back against Google Wallet. “Isis aims to get ahead of his rivals by relying on its network of carrier distribution and existing customer relationships. Mobiles introduced to Isis services should be available in stores in urban transport test. … Isis carriers may preinstall software on their phones, making it easier to use. They can also push the handset manufacturers to adopt the software Isis. “

Provide medicine UAV

Buffaloaf writes “The Singularity University brilliant minds to develop an Internet of things they dub the Matternet which plans to deliver medicine and other necessities to people in small places very distant from the drone of the article. ‘This particular class of SU has focused on the problems of “the next billion people” who have no access to modern technology. Matternet addressed the problem of obtaining drugs and diagnostic equipment and test for people in rural areas of developing countries without access to roads during rainy seasons. The company has proposed building a network of robotic drones to deliver drugs quickly and very profitable – . let alone a guy on a dirt bike cost “

Energy from recovery in Germany

An anonymous reader writes Germany has decided to close all its nuclear plants by 2022 and begin a reversal of the energy is focused on the significant increase in the production of sustainable energy. What does it take in terms of investment, and that means increased costs to? German consumers that really means more jobs in green energy Quoting:?. Total investment over the next decade for such energy recovery is estimated at about € 200 billion (almost $ 290 billion) … At present, over 20 new coal plants are planned or already under construction. together they would achieve a total capacity of 10 gigawatts, and could, in terms of food, to replace the nuclear power plants are still operational, but coal plants do not fit into the concept of recovery in the sustainable energy the government has put forward.

Конец формы

How to Kill the Internet has contributed groundbreaking

An anonymous reader writes In a widely distributed paper American Political Science Association Conference at Yale expert Navid Hassanpour argues that the closure of the Internet has made it difficult to support a centralized revolutionary movement in Egypt. But, he adds, the decision actually encouraged the development of small revolutionary upheavals at the local level where the interaction face-to-face between the militants was more intense and the mobilization of dormant warm dissidents was easier. In other words, the closure of the Internet have made the revolution more diffuse and more difficult for the authorities to contain.  While we’re on the subject, the reader points lecheiron on new research in anticipation of food revolutions per million pieces of news in a super-computer and using the analysis of words to draw the feeling National. So far, it’s good enough to predict things that have already taken place, but we should probably wait until he finds something new before contacting Hari Seldon.

AT and T responds to DoJ prosecution

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/K8QKyVXIRwg/ATampT-Responds-To-DoJ-Lawsuit:

An anonymous reader writes Last week, the Department of Justice filed an antitrust complaint to stop the merger between AT and T and T-Mobile USA. Now AT and T responded, arguing that the merger would benefit consumers by increasing competition and free up the spectrum. This means increased production, a better service, fewer dropped calls and reduced prices for consumers without the merger, they say. Meanwhile, House Republicans sent a letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and Attorney General Eric Holder to request an explanation of ‘what went into the decision to challenge the merger and whether the agencies considered the impact on jobs and economic growth. A hearing is scheduled for September 21.

Growing Up Geek: Kevin Wong


Welcome to Growing Up Geek , an ongoing feature where we take a look back at our youth and telling stories of growing up to be the nerds we are. Today we have our own Contributing Editor, Kevin Wong .

Ok, so let’s go to the pink elephant, pencil first chamber. Yes, it’s a Superman t-shirt, and yes, I thought I could fly – with the help of my POP, of course. At the time I did not know that the physical laws, and to be honest, all I thought holding my flat was my love for robots. What I
knew was that processors have been, are impressive, and that ice cream was a perfect complement to the vegetables.

Adobe unveils new software tools compatible iOS added option of streaming video

At the International Broadcasters Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam yesterday, Adobe has unveiled a slew of new software solutions, including Adobe Pass, Flash Access 3.0 and Flash Media Server 4.5. Pass allows cable operators and other content providers to offer TV streaming from multiple sources through a single connection solution, while access is the platform for content protection, which can now offer streaming video to mobile devices . But it’s Media Server 4.5 that has been gathering the most attention of the press, through its support for IOS. Now do not get too excited, you still can not really use flash on your iPhone. But the latest version of the software provides the ability to stream video using the Apple-friendly format HTTP Streaming Live. So still no Kongregate for iPhone users, but partners can now put as MediaPlatform live webcasts on your iPhone. Check the PR after the break.

Apple Removes Finally DigiNotar certs in Safari

Trailrunner7 writes Apple has finally released a patch for the issue of certificates of trust caused by the attack on DigiNotar, more than a week after the false certificates were identified and the other browser vendors moved to revoke the trust them. While Microsoft, Mozilla and Google have been communicating with users on the issue and pushing new versions and updates to remove the compromised certificate authorities from their browser, Apple has been silent about the attack and gave no indication when he might issue an update for Safari. On Friday the company issued a security advisory for users of Mac OS X, saying it was the removal of certificates DigiNotar of its trust list.

Sony reveals pricing and sizes is Google TV?

from: c2% bfgoogle-tv /:

There seems to be someone within the company, or are dissatisfied with their pay and wants to ruin the surprise that the company has prepared for Tuesday, October 12, or really want passed. Why? Because not only the disclosure (which is not yet known if it’s real) on the possible sizes ranging Google TV, but the names have emerged, which is called the models in question.

Their names are: NSX-24GT1 24 inches, 31 inches NSX-32GT1, NSX, NSX-40GT1 46GT1 40 inches, (yes, you guessed it) by 46 inches. However, they also risk that their prices would total between 1300, 1400 and 1900 dollars.

The curious thing: if this is true, the cheapest model of Google TV would be even more expensive ($ 300) that the 32-inch model more expensive than Sony has people in their catalog.

Defunct satellite to fall from the sky

Homepage EmLomBeeNo first timer sends word of a 6.5 ton satellite that will soon make a quick and fiery return to Earth. From The huge satellite upper atmospheric research (UARS) is expected to enter Earth’s atmosphere in an uncontrolled fall in late September or early October Much of the probe is expected to burn for the back, but some. parts are expected to make it intact to the ground, the NASA officials. The U.S. space agency will take steps to inform the public about the pieces of gear that should survive the fall. According to a press conference today at NASA, you have a 1-in-21 trillion chance of being hit by falling debris. Who’s feeling lucky?

Is this the end of Righthaven?

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/ZrFEHCZoNkM/Is-This-the-End-of-Righthaven:

New snakes Submitter writes The new management of MediaNews Group (owner of the Denver Post) decided to terminate their contract with Righthaven. So far, the famous author troll has lost all infringement lawsuit they filed (although that it seems they managed to settle out of court in one or two dozen cases). Is it possible that this will ultimately spell doom Righthaven is? The new CEO of MediaNews said that while copyright issues are real, Righthaven involvement was a stupid idea from the beginning.

IRL: Nexus One, Sansa Clip Zip, DeLorme PN-60 and HP TouchPad

Welcome IRL, an ongoing feature where we talk about gadgets, applications and toys we use in real life and take a second look at products that have already obtained the formal review process.

Welcome to IRL, a new column where we dissect, defend and gripe about the gadgets we use in real life. This week, Dante gets a TouchPad Firesale, Dana ditches her for a Random Zip Sansa Clip, Tim on a boat with the DeLorme PN-60 and Darren explains why, exactly, it is still attached to its Nexus.

Games Worth is complaining about?

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/RMCUnzZbcpk/Are-Games-Worth-Complaining-About:

A few days ago, the blog Opposable Bravo published an article entitled, In the game, everything is incredible, but nobody is happy. The thrust of the article is that the discussion of the modern games focuses almost exclusively of defects, which are often out of proportion. Every game is too short, even if we never finish the games we play. Each game is too expensive, even if we demand ever more levels of interaction, fidelity graphics, and length. The same people who say every game was 80 hours and a masterpiece 10 years ago are 10 years away from that today was the golden age once they have distance necessary to scrub the bad games from memory. Today, the gaming site Rock, Paper, Shotgun offers a counterpoint, saying that video games require active criticism of the industry for improvement. It is incredible, and sometimes people are happy. That’s how it always will be. And we should probably do more of it, and then try to do better.

Algorithmic Trading Need For fast replacing human

Written DMandPenfold Algorithmic trading, also known as high frequency trading (HFT), quickly replacing human decision making, according to a panel of the British government, which warned that the law should be introduced regulations to protect the stock market. Approximately one third of share transactions in the UK is carried out by computers fill orders based on complex algorithms, said the panel looking into a discussion paper released yesterday. However, this proportion is significantly lower than that of the United States, where three-quarters of the equity deal is computer generated. Foresight panel, headed by Dame Clara Furse, the former CEO of the London Stock Exchange, argued that there are benefits and risks for serious algorithmic trading. There was no direct evidence that the negotiation of computer itself increased volatility, he said, but in specific circumstances, it was possible for a series of events with unwanted interactions and the results to produce and cause enormous damage.

DOT Grants $ 15M to test car to car communication

itwbennett wrote Car-to-car communication is on the verge of his first major, real-world test in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute will as long as 3000 cars with Short radio off on the road, thanks to a grant of $ 14.9 million he just got from the U.S. Department of Transportation. DoT reports predict that up to 82 percent of serious accidents in drivers intact can be eliminated or reduced by a small car to car negotiation, or an early warning three sedan cars to just hit the brakes, even if you can not see through the giant SUV directly in front of you.

Samsung S Galaxy II now available for $ 100 in America … GCI Alaska

Let people regional spoil the thunder of the Big Four. While we were led to believe that Sprint 4G Epic Touch would be the first subsidized Galaxy S II officially land in the U.S. of A, it appears that GCI Alaska beat ‘em all to the punch – and regions more than one. A tipster living in the Last Frontier just took place today, and best of all, running a solid Benjamin least it will be those of other operators. It is compatible with the company 4G (read: HSPA +) network, and for those unfamiliar with his wallet, but also offer the iPhone 4 to the local population. Unadulterated wild? Yep. Northern Lights? Certainly . Start / good access to the hottest of the year Android smartphone? Of course. So who is up for some northern exposure?

Sprint International ZTE CDMA Mobile Hotspot does the United States, the mobile phone abroad

We love mobile wireless hotspots , and we love especially when they work at the international level – which, until now, has left Sprint CDMA / WiMAX devices over the mixture. This variant gives a little love to the people of the world trip, however, with domestic support for EVDO Rev. A, and international support for GSM / GPRS / EDGE and WCDMA / HSDPA / HSUPA. There is no word on what you expect to pay for data abroad, but do not include a Sprint SIM unlocked in the box, with international adapters. An integrated display shows the battery life and connectivity, so you know when the unit is ready to transfer the web to up to five Wi-Fi devices on CDMA, or a single device while roaming on GSM networks. Available now, the hotspot will be held you $ 50 after $ 50 rebate and a two-year contract, offers a range of up to 130 feet and can pump a wireless signal to a maximum of four hours (unfortunately WiMAX is not supported ). go before the break for the truth of Sprint.

Xone Vodafone R and D center opens in Silicon Valley, wants to help startups grow

Verizon to do , so why not Vodafone too? It’s true, guys, the Big Red from overseas Telco decided to get into the swing of things in Silicon Valley with its new R and D center Xone Vodafone in Redwood City, California. Unlike the Application Centre VZW innovation a few miles north of San Francisco, the Xone is focused on identifying high-potential startups and put their ideas on the fast track to the proof of concept testing. To do this, the center provides technical expertise, business advice and access to his laboratory to ensure that products are consistent with overall Vodafone 2G, HSPA and LTE networks. The center of R and D is also aligned with Verizon facility in Massachusetts , the budding entrepreneurs to gain access to the infrastructure LTE stateside, too. We have a chance to check out the new business incubator ourselves, then read on for more.

UK joins Laser Nuclear Fusion Project

arisvega written with this quote from the BBC: The British firm RHM and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory have now joined with [the National Ignition Facility in the United States] to help make laser fusion a commercially viable energy source .. . Part of the problem. was the technical capacity to reach break even – the point at which more energy is produced than is consumed – has always seemed distant opponents of the idea said that energy fusion is 50 years of absence, regardless of the year you request. Said David Willetts, science minister in the UK. I think what is happening in both the UK and the U.S. shows that we are making significant progress on this technology he said. It can no longer be dismissed as something to the distant horizon.

Study suggests magnets can force you to tell the truth

Estonian researchers claim that magnets can either force you to lie or make it impossible. Subjects in the study had magnets placed on the left or right side of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, and the results suggest that the individual was unable to tell the truth or unable to lie depending on which side was stimulated. Extract from the article: Last year, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has also used strong magnets to disrupt the area said to be the brain of moral compass , located behind the right ear, which makes least temporarily moral people.

Google to introduce new programming language – Dart

An anonymous reader sends this excerpt from El Reg: Google has built an entirely new programming language for web programming structured, he seems to be adapted to the browser applications based on two engineers search giant will discuss Dart, of Google. new language at the international conference of software development go next month. News of the new language was posted on the site Goto. There is still no technical details on Dart, but the bios of two Googlers have to go strongly suggest a bent toward programming for the web and the browser.

FPS Benchmarks No More? New methods reveal deeper issues GPU

crookedvulture writing critical hardware graphics have long used images per second to measure performance. The thing is, a large number of frames are generated in one second. Calculating the SPF may mask brief moments of stuttering noticeable that only a closer examination of individual frame time can be quantified. This article explores the topic in much more detail. Along the way, it also illustrates effectively micro-stuttering attributed to multi-GPU solutions like SLI and CrossFire. AMD and Nvidia two concede that stuttering is a real problem for modern graphics cards, and methods of analysis may need to change well into account.

For Windows 8 ‘Fast Startup Mode’ Feature

Proposed new story written CSHARP123 Microsoft has released details of a Windows feature that 8 is a hybrid between a cold start and wake up a hibernating state This function is called Quick Start mode Gabe Aul, director of management Programs in Windows, says ..: [A] s in Windows 7, we close user sessions, but instead of closing the session of the nucleus, we hibernate. Compared to full hibernation, which includes a large number of pages memory used by applications, session data hibernation is much smaller 0, which takes much less time to write to disk. If you are not familiar with hibernation, we actually save the system status and memory contents in a file on disk (hiberfil.sys), then reading that back in the CV and restore contents back to memory. Using this technique with boot gives us a significant advantage for startup times, since reading hiberfile in and reset the driver is much faster on most systems (30-70% faster on most systems we’ve tested). The message contains a video as well , which shows the Windows startup in less than 10 seconds.

Mozilla Issues Do-Not-Track Guide For advertisers

angry tapir writes Mozilla has released only one track field guide to encourage advertisers and publishers to implement not-track (DNT) functionality. The guide contains tutorials, case studies and examples of code for illustrate how companies use technology DNT. Mozilla aims to inspire developers, publishers and advertisers to adopt DNT and wants to control the monitoring of the Internet in the hands of users. The browser maker wants to end behavioral targeting and tracking ubiquitous on the Web. The guide can be found here (PDF).

Son superconducting sapphire are as cool as the sound


The copper wire is relatively cheap, malleable and can conduct electricity, but it is far from ideal. Feed the cities requires meters wide and cables, the metal loses a lot of energy as heat. Fortunately, a team of Tel Aviv University think it solved the problem. Take a sapphire fiber Oakridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, he developed a superconducting wire barely thicker than a human hair, which makes 40 times the electricity of his brothers copper. Cooled with liquid nitrogen, superconductors carry current without sapphire heat, which is the key to their effectiveness. The team working on practical applications of the technology – because it is so small and flexible (unlike previous superconductors), it could replace the copper in the home and its cold performance makes it perfect to transmit power to long distances from the stations to green power. The wire goes around the world as we speak and will arise at the conference in Baltimore in October ATSC. Anyone who makes jokes about son and Baltimore will be asked to leave politely.

Dell jams a terabyte of storage SSD SATA3 Precision M6600 laptop

Dell is refining some of the options on its Precision M6600 and M4600 mobile workstations. You can now choose to add 512GB SSD SATA3 and (in the case of the M6600) a 4 GB NVIDIA Quadro 5010M card. The interesting thing though is that the 6600 has space for three drives: two full size and mini-card slot. This means you could fit this beast of 17.3 inches with a pair of 512 GB SSD and a 128GB SSD for a total of 1.1TB of storage in solid form. Of course, with each half-terabyte drive to add a whopping $ 1120 at the cost of this work lappy it’s not exactly for those on a budget. But we would not be surprised to see the fallout of high-end platforms, portable gaming (we want you to Alienware) fairly quickly.

Ubuntu releases proposed monthly

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/bhbHhV7ri1c/Monthly-Ubuntu-Releases-Proposed:

An anonymous reader wrote: Scott James Remnant, the manager of the former leader of the Ubuntu developer Ubuntu, Canonical and current technical advice, proposed a process of releasing new monthly for Ubuntu Linux. It recognizes that the six months provided there are features found and landing too early, leaving them in a safe condition for users. With its proposed monthly Remnant hopes relieve this by manipulating the alpha, beta, and releases of normal at the same time. Canonical is not known whether to accept the policy right now.

Nokia C5-03, a complete Smartphone € 170


Already this week we present some of the innovations of the Finnish company Nokia. This time it was the turn of Nokia Nokia C5 C5-03, the elder brother, mobile, and we present some time ago in Gizmos

The C5-03 Nokia is characterized by a small device (weighing only 90 grams) that complements its predecessor with a touch screen and a few other caracterísitcas that make him a market price that is very complete smartphone offered 170 euros .

Besides the touch screen 3, 2 inch, the Nokia C5-03 features a 5 megapixel camera that allows video, radio and GPS connection, Bluetooth, WiFi and USB.

As for memory, the Nokia C5-03 has 40 megabytes internal, which can be transformed into a maximum of 16 GB if you use a microSD card, if the series includes a 2 Gb

As operating system Nokia C5-03 works with a Symbian, which hitherto was known as a Symbian S60. The camera menu offers a good collection of icons provide direct access to email accounts and social networks.

Some highlight applications of Nokia C5-03 are access to Nokia Music Store and Ovi Store, from which you can buy music or mobile applications for Nokia. On the other hand, the Nokia C5-03 provides a display of all Microsoft Office documents, PDF and ZIP.

The price of Nokia C5-03 that we discussed will be 170 euros.

Movea MoveTV platform provides options for motion control for TVs and set-top

If you lived under a rock: the motion controls are all the rage these days. And it’s not just console manufacturers who want in on the action. ASUS , Philips and Hillcrest Labs have all launched their own takes technology. Movea is a company that is well versed in the field, and now plans to start to offer its products directly to TV and STB manufacturers. The platform not only offers MoveTV remote technology to OEMs, but open tools for enterprise developers building games and applications. Movea even announced its first partners: C and M Media, a major cable provider in Korea, and the solution remotely . Remote Solution will be allowed SmartMotion Movea and integration in the MoveTV decoders provided to C and M. Soon enough using gestures to change channels and play arm-debated interpretations of angry birds on your cable box may be the standard. Watch the video, PR and a peak of more after the break.

U.S. Senate passes the patent system reform bill, Obama is expected to sign into law

Think it’s time to change our patent system ? It is the Congress. Yesterday, the Senate approved the Act on America invented by a 89-8 vote that could make more drastic changes in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in five decades. Under the plan, the House approved in June, patents are not awarded to the first person to invent a technology, but the first to actually file with the USPTO, bringing U.S. policy in line with the protocol adopted in most other countries. It also calls for a simplified application process and would allow the USPTO to charge fees set for all applications. Revenues generated by these fees would go directly to a maximum reserve fund, which keeps the office of the lion’s share of the money instead to channel a large part in the Congress, as was the norm.

Proponents say the extra revenue will give the USPTO more power to nibble the delay of about 700,000 patent applications, while a new system will help eliminate third challenge patents that would never have approved of the first place. Opponents, meanwhile, criticized the bill for not eliminate diversion at all costs (an amendment that would have placed tighter restrictions was finally killed, for fear it would jeopardize the passage of the proposed law), with Washington Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell questioning the impact of legislation on small business, calling it a great gift company patents that tramples on the rights of small inventors. But Senator Patrick Leahy, a Democrat Vermont, which sponsored the project, argued that approval yesterday marks a major turning point in history and U.S. Patent Policy:

Creativity that drives our economic engine has made America the world leader in invention and innovation. America invented legislation will ensure that inventors, large and small to maintain the competitive advantage that has put America at the height of global innovation. This is landmark legislation. It is good policy.

America invented law will now make its way to the office of President Obama, which is expected to receive his signature. For more information on legislation, see the links below.

The startup time of Windows 8 to be drastically reduced, showed off the video

Watch the video above closely, because you might just miss the point: according to the latest post on building blog MSDN Windows 8, Microsoft next-gen desktop OS will see a huge thank you improved startup time with intelligent technology. Instead of closing both the user session and the session of the nucleus in a ruling traditional Windows 8 will be to preserve the session of the kernel on the disk, creating a hiberfile which is much smaller than traditional Windows hibernation – see diagram after the break for a clearer picture. The result is an incredibly fast system start – even with the battery removed to begin with – who claims to be 30 to 70 percent faster than most systems tested by Microsoft. We are eager to test this feature on a SSD, but until then, head on the MSDN blog for the full technical explanation.

Apple criticized for not blocking stolen Certs

CWmike writes A security researcher has criticized Apple for lagging behind with its response to the fiasco DigiNotar certificate. He urged the company to quickly update Mac OS X to protect users. We are looking for some very serious issues [about the trust on the Web] and it does not help matters when Apple is dragging its feet, said Paul Henry, a security analyst and forensic science with Lumension. Unlike Microsoft, Windows update on Tuesday to block all SSL certificates issued by DigiNotar, Apple has not updated Mac OS X to do the same. Meanwhile, even the Mac OS X users who want to move yourself are paralyzed, Bob McMillan reports, because the OS can not properly revoke digital certificates doubtful.

Amp free WiFi to Auckland for the Rugby World Cup


Just in time for play-by-play tweets on the World Cup rugby in New Zealand, Auckand established a fully integrated WiFi network through a network of public transport link. Officials said buses and trains will get free treatment to the Internet , giving passengers a maximum of three sessions of 30 minutes per day from 1 September to 31 October. Powered by Tomizone and sponsored by localist, the network promises 2 – 6 Mbps downloads and is based on point to point around the town using the assets of fiber for backhaul . If that was not enough connectivity, and the sling are CallPlus concoct some free WiFi of their own with a thousand additional hotspots around the city. Hopefully the added infrastructure mean WiFi access for a nominal
year of excellence for tweetage Rugby round up non related. Check the full PR after the break.

Sprint BlackBerry Curve 9350 will be delayed until October

Well, it seems that Sprint will miss tomorrow’s launch date for the BlackBerry Curve 9350 . A representative of the Network now confirmed the news to us today, stating that the phone will not arrive until next month due to unforeseen circumstances. Although the company has yet to announce a new target date, the anonymous informant, who had originally uncovered the story tells Phone Arena to expect a second arrival in October. Seeing that Sprint already sells two BlackBerry models that are significantly better than the 9350 curve, we hope that you will not lose sleep over the revelation. However, if you have a personal grudge against touch screens, you’d better reset to count down, starting … now.

Patent reform bill passes Senate

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/B07_rBFs8RQ/Patent-Reform-Bill-Passes-Senate:

First accepted nephorm sender writes The Senate passed the first major overhaul of patent law in the nation in more than half a century from America Invent Law The law has received overwhelming approval in a 89-9 vote From the article: .. The Invent America Act switches of the patent system in the United States from a first-to-invent to a first nation to a file. It also establishes a new system of patent examination and give the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office more flexibility to set and pass the fees paid by inventors to obtain patents and companies to register trademarks.

Booktrack Adds Music and sound effects to electronic books

Zothecula wrote There is no doubt that the soundtrack can significantly enhance the immersiveness and the emotional impact of movies and TV programs. But some audio accompaniment can do the same for books? New York City-based startup Booktrack think so and released an IOS software – an application with Android also on how -.. adding sound to eBooks As the user reads, they can hear the ambient background noise relevant to the current setting of the book, specific sound effects synchronized with the text as it is read, and music, but a soundtrack to ‘boost the reader’s imagination and commitment as the company claims, or does it just create another distraction to overcome when diving into a book on the bus on the way home ?

Samsung High Fidelity app GPS position gives a boost Russian Mango

Using GPS on your phone to guide you through the city streets can sometimes be a painful experience, especially in hot spots of the signal (or when there is a breeze). Fortunately, there is a fantasy novel solution – for some of you at least. Position fidelity is an application specifically for Samsung Mango phones that supercharges the GPS module with two updates to help position. The first uses the onboard accelerometer and compass to help guide the device Windows 7 itself on congested city streets. The second is that it will now access GLONASS – the Russian equivalent of GPS – find your position a few feet. Once installed, the app is only visible in the settings menu, where you need to activate it. We can also expect to see more GLONASS in the future, since the Russian import taxes imposing about 25 percent on any device that is incompatible with the standard Soviet and manufacturers do not want to take a blow of this magnitude on a characteristic that they can use. WP7.5 Samsung owners who want any excuse to celebrate the triumph of Gagarin, Sputnik and Laika can find the software available on the source link below.

Robopocalypse coming to a theater near you, Spielberg to nip in PG

The Robopocalypse is coming – just not in the way you would have feared . DreamWorks and Twentieth Century Fox joined forces to film-making to revive Daniel H. Wilson fiction (for now) are a literary future, apocalyptic robot-barred . The studios have taken a guy named Steven Spielberg behind the camera to film this story in custody, and the plan to scare the bejeezus out of us all when he designs 3 July 2013 – that if we do since the end of the world maya. No casting has been mentioned in the announcement, we will continue to cross your fingers in the hope of some day couch jumper show and the movie star-turned-pilot did not join the blockbuster fear.

Vestel, Extent bring games to Android televisions, with ‘all-you-can-eat subscription service

Just last week Vestel was busy showing his BitTorrent Certified television , and now the company is partnering with Scope to deliver Android games to your television – and do it your self by playing a free buffet background. Described as the first all-you-can-eat TV service subscription Android game, GameTanium allows users to Smart Box Vestel set-top box to access a range of enhanced TV games from the comfort of their living room, using their Android phones as controllers. In addition, the service allows them to switch between their PC, mobile phone, tablet or TV without losing their place in a game. The service will be started this week at IBC , but if this ad has left you hungry for more, there’s always the Golden Corral. PR Full awaits you and your belly after the break.

Tursion TS-102 is a computer disguised as an Android pico projector

This pico projector is more than meets the eye. Under the bland, plastic outside Tursion TS-102 is actually a dual-core computer for Android. This pair of 624MHz core pushes surprisingly outdated Flash through a light that can project an image of 800 x 600 up to 100 inches in size at 20 lumens. While you can connect the TS-102 to another device, it is not necessary. It is capable of displaying media stored on the 8GB internal flash memory or a microSD card, and you can navigate with the applications built-in touchpad. Tack on a Wi-Fi radio and a rechargeable battery in 80 minutes and you have the makings of a pretty impressive little toy. You can order your own now at Amazon, but the luxury of owning your own pocket, large computer screen (and bragging rights that go with it) will cost you a steep $ 449.

Cricket Samsung intros the vitality of the first to offer Android Music Muve

If executed properly, Muve Music could be a fairly clever. But until now, the all-you-can download music service from Cricket Wireless has been proposed on the Samsung FeaturePhone suede … and that’s it. Fortunately, the vitality of Samsung will come to the rescue as the first prepaid smartphone carrier to provide the beats. We have seen this device before the Admire , which runs on Android 2.3, has a screen 3.5-inch HVGA (480 x 320) display and is powered by a 800MHz processor. The phone also includes a 3.2 megapixel cam, and a 1600 mAh 4 GB microSD card, it may not seem all that tempting, but the price might turn some heads: the vitality will be available for $ 200 – that the contract no, people – and requires a $ 65 plan that will connect with any number of data, voice and music. Sounds like this feature Muve Music arose to life. Follow the break for the full press release.

Judge Ellison wants the page to resolve disputes

itwbennett writes Apparently, the president of Oracle, Safra Catz, and the head of Google Mobile, Andy Rubin, is not high enough to attend a mediation session record. Judge William Alsup, who oversees the dispute between the two companies, wants the Larrys to go head to head instead. Oracle agree with some of Alsup recommendation, saying in a filing late Wednesday that Oracle believes the prospects for a successful mediation will be much greater If Google representative at the executive level is a superior of Mr. Rubin, who is the architect of the strategy of Google Android -. strategy that results in this case Oracle also noted that Rubin has represented Google in the past mediations failed.

Fujitsu waterproof Arrows Tab LTE F-01D to launch next month, DoCoMo

First rule of expensive electronic equipment 101 is not get’em wet. For the Japanese, however, a waterproof gadget option a home value-added time to soak in this Ofuro.
We first got a glimpse of DoCoMo H2O resistant LTE Fujitsu tablet just last week, and now the company making the official announcement. Join the arrows LTE Tab F-01D on the carrier’s new 4G Xi (read: crossy) network is our good friend Samsung, the Galaxy tab 10.1 LTE SC-01D. The two slates are set to hit the airwaves Japanese operator next month, bowing with Sammy in early October and landing model Fujitsu few weeks later. As we already know all the internal guts and glory of the previous tab, we finally have confirmation requirements on the arrows. The 10.1 incher has a WXGA display, dual-core processor running Android 3.2, 1.3 megapixel front / 5 megapixel camera setup back up to 32 GB of storage and that the seal always helpful. Try not to be too jealous, statesiders – there is always that glimmer of hope for the filing of the FCC .

Synrgic preps its T100 handset phone for racing beast


Synrgic may not be a brand name that resonates with mobile statesiders obsessed, but this is not a reason to ignore the efforts of the manufacturer of electronics is emerging. Known primarily for its tablet PC in China, the company is expected to prepare for a launch of its first smartphone – the T100. According to a leak on the shot above Chinitech, Pack handset’ll a spec list that runs neck and neck with the heavy hitting the phones we’ve seen flooding the world market. Sporting a 4.3 inch 960 x 540 display, the device is running a version of undisclosed Gingerbread on a dual-core 1.2GHz processor Tegra 2, packs 1GB of RAM, up to 32 GB of internal storage (due to slot microSD omitted), and 1.3-megapixel front / rear 5-megapixel camera configuration capable of capturing 720p video. There is also an HDMI and USB port, ample 1500mAh battery, WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G GSM / WCDMA frequencies on board. If gossip is to be believed, this phone’ll land on the shelves of retailers in the current October or November – perhaps in time for an ice cream sandwich .

Nike unveils shoe MAG 2011, to auction 1,500 pairs of kicks in the coolest Hill Valley for charity

Do you remember the first time you saw Back to the Future II , would not you? We all have dreamed of a world filled with hoverboards and self-lacing shoes , Nike and now made ​​it a reality … sort of. Marty McFly preferred heights are now called MAG like Nike and kicking in the film, although it seems you have to lace ‘em up the old fashioned way. They go on sale for a period of ten days starting tonight at 8:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, and no amount of flux capacitation can score a pair you if you miss this window. 150 sets of shoes will be auctioned on eBay Fashion Vault every day, and all net proceeds will go to the Foundation Michael J. Fox looking for other Parkinson’s. Not only that, all the money that will be doubled through matching contributions. Nice job, Nike, now about those hoverboards …

Smartphones can not cure acne, FTC rules

jfruhlinger wrote Your smartphone can send texts, surf the web and update your Facebook page, so of course it can also cure acne, right? Well, maybe not. Two companies which marketed acne cure applications are installed with the FTC and have been forced to take applications market. (colored light can kill bacteria that cause acne, but it must be much more powerful than what a smartphone screen can extinguish.) Nearly 15,000 people have purchased applications.

Carnegie Mellon launches RoboBowl To Spur Progress Robotics

coondoggie writes In order to take ideas for new robots off the drawing board and moving them in real situations, Carnegie Mellon University will host a series of competitions designed to bring new technologies robotics for the manufacturing, health and national security applications. Carnegie called RoboBowls competition and says they will feature the next generation of robotics challenges designed to find and promote business and start-up at an early stage seeking to develop big idea of products and services.

Meteorites Offer Icelandic rocks brought gold To Earth

sciencehabit wrote Gold, platinum and other metals precioius were sucked into the earth’s core molten iron quickly after our planet formed. So where does all the materials for our jewelry come from? According to high-precision measurements of two isotopes, or atomic variants, tungsten 4 billion in old rocks from Greenland published online today in Nature [summary adds a little more, the full version is paywalled if] Precious metal bearing meteorites hit the Earth around this time, the surface of the planet in a veneer containing gold, platinum, and other long after their native counterparts had disappeared in the nucleus of the planet.

Viewsonic V3D241wm a computer screen with 3D

Viewsonic does not want to be left behind and presented a new monitor that has the technology currently in vogue in 3D.

V3D241wm Viewsonic has a 24-inch LED panel with a latency of 2ms, 300 candelas of brightness, contrast and 20.000.000:1 120Hz refresh rate, the frequency depending on the manufacturer to take advantage of 3D content using glasses polarized supplied with this monitor.

For the moment we do not know what price in Euros, but in the UK sells for about 330 pounds, which at current exchange rates would be about 376 euros, although we can not make the price of when you get to be on sale in Spain.

Western Digital, Seagate and Hitachi will compete in round-3 TB hard drive

We saw 3 TB hard drives run on the market for the best part of the year, but only now do we see more UEFI equipped motherboards that can effectively manage all that capacity storage. Thus, benchmarking assistants more HotHardware decided now would be a good time to oppose a small number of ‘em against each other, rounded models from the likes of Western Digital, Seagate and Hitachi and subjecting them a grueling battery of 28 tests. We’ll leave you to read the notes, but suffice it to say that the Seagate Barracuda XT swept about half the benchmarks, and won a second the rest of the time. But is it worth spending an additional $ 30 more than Western Digital constantly back Caviar Green ? We’ll leave that to you and your wallet.

LaunchPort accusations wireless iPad 2, infects users with jubilation (video)

Shiny, happy people watching 2s iPad ? Why, it must be the power of the inductive load , or just hyper-enthusiastic marketing. Revealed at CEDIA 2011 , Dana Innovations recently announced LaunchPort system takes the convenience of wireless charging and tap on the wall. Of course, there is the regular OL option to charge your Apple flat surface of a slab, but then you’ll be missing out on the sharp 360 degrees. The price of this fantasy is not cheap either, with both wall and base-mounted options cost $ 200 each, plus $ 150 for the sleeve PowerShuttle mandatory and $ 10 for pre-order costs. Now, how did you need to show that the tablet Jony Ive designed? Jump the break to attend exaggerating at its best.

Army kills bacteria electrified uranium, Captain Planet gives a run for its money

Some kind of hairy bacteria may simply be the answer to clean up radioactive spills. Scientists at the University of Southern California found that in certain circumstances, Geobacter sulfurreducens could make metals such as less soluble uranium – essentially turning the hard metal droplets rather than being absorbed. The researchers found that lowering the temperature of the bacteria, it caused the hair-like pili extend, which enveloped the uranium-poison and, ultimately, reduced by the electron transfer at long range. The breakthrough could help deplete the sources of uranium or other radioactive isotopes which bacteria can not normally survive – like the nuclear power plant in Fukushima in Japan that devastated earlier this year. Scientists believe they have only scratched the surface of this development and we are optimistic about the future of bacteria electromicrobiology, we can only guess grown in popularity after the 80s classic on the air (video after the pause).

Smart Bar eAccess Gingerbread combines with traditional keypad for those who love the old school

Well, you do not see too often. A new phone called the Smart Bar is on sale in Japan on September 22 that combines the retro style of a candybar with a modern 3-inch touchscreen. We are definitely intrigued by the keypad (for obvious reasons), and WVGA screen sports a pixel density of 311ppi admirable, although the rest of the specs are decidedly trivial. The handset is manufactured by Huawei and Qualcomm has a 800MHz MSM7227 SoC, 512MB of RAM, a 5 megapixel camera and Gingerbread. There is also support for the 802.11n standard (which allows you to attach up to five devices simultaneously), Bluetooth 2.1 and IrDA. It has 3G support on the 2100 and 1700MHz spectrum, with Tri-band 1900 / 1800 / 900 MHz GSM capacity. The Smart Bar will sell for about 29.800 yen ($ 385), where fans of vintage fusion can select from variants in black, white and brown.

Viewsonic abandons plans for Boxee-powered TV


You may have suspected that something was up after Viewsonic failed in his promised early Q2 shipping date for Boxee-powered TV it showed off at CES, and you would have suspected correctly. GigaOM
now reports that Viewsonic has in fact abandoned its plans for the device, apparently due to a combination of high costs and lack of interest in intelligent TV customers. It is still keeping its options open for further down the road, however, note that it will stay involved in the development of different technologies and to consider in the future as they become available.

IP addresses is not enough to ID users

phaedrus5001, with its history first accepted, says an article in Ars Technica, from which he extracted a piece relevant to almost anyone with an Internet connection: A lawyer file sharing has admitted this week that addresses IP are not by themselves identify a person accused of sharing online copyrighted material. To find out who actually shared the pornographic film in the center of the case, counsel for Gibbs Brett Steele Hansmeier LLC told the judge (PDF), it is necessary to search all the computers in the household of the subscriber.

In California Treating folds Amazon Sales Tax

theodp writes In an agreement that all parties seem ready to make a truce, the San Jose Mercury News reports that offers to drive down its referendum to repeal a sales tax line in exchange for a moratorium a year on tax collection. Under the deal, Amazon would agree to begin collecting the tax from residents of California in September 2012, unless Congress takes action on sales taxes on Internet by then. The development comes a day after an editorial in the New York Times ripped on Amazon’s sales tax Dodge.

Environment navigation audio-haptic makes music the way hands free (video)

You’ve heard of pianists, flutists and organists, but have you heard of Thereminists? The title originally applied to players of another instrument hands-free in the 1920s was redirected to those who can manipulate sound hidden in a 3D space called a browser environment audio-haptic (Ahne). By twisting a Kinect sensor and using the framework and Open OSCeleton, researchers at the Research Group at the Media Lab SOPI Helsinki were able to create a Ahne concept show called tension. Equipping volunteer charged with sensor gloves with a vibration motor for small haptic feedback, they were able to create the music – add a pinch of Pitbull, and looking ahead to the world wide anthem sweet. Check out the video music full after the break.

Moxie Marlinspike solution to the problem of SSL CA

Trevelyan writes In his speech Blackhat on the past and the future of SSL (YouTube video) Moxie Marlinspike says today’s problems SSL, and the story of how he came to be. He went then not only offer a solution, but it has implemented and Convergence :…. It allows you to disable all trusted CA in your browser and always safe to use HTTPS, it works even with self-signed certificates You still need to trust someone, but not always as the case of the system Notary, which you can ask anonymously for their views on the authenticity of a certificate. You can Notaries pool for a consensus , and add / remove them at any time.

Ask Slashdot: better programs to learn?

Submitter CamServo first accepted in writing I took C + + classes in college and I played around with some scripting languages. We learned the basics of how to make C + + to work with small programs but when I see large open source projects, I never know where to even begin to try to understand how their code works. I was wondering if any of you have suggestions for some good open source projects looking to get an idea of ​​how the program works in the real world, so I can start giving back to the open source community. Where would you start?

Bionic Droid Review


It has been said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, so it was with very willing and eager hands this week we received the Bionic Droid, the latest Motorola high-octane, the robot on the theme of assault in the subscribers of Verizon Wireless. The phone was first announced at CES in early 2011 and we got to see him in the flesh barely an hour later … but then the story took a turn for the tragic. Bionics was attacked , killed and reborn with all new internal.

Phoenix-like, the thing is now available for purchase on Verizon Wireless, $ 300 for a device intended plateau that packs both the LTE connectivity and a dual-core processor. Therefore, it is a first for Verizon and it also happens to be the thinnest handset LTE yet to cross the waves of the carrier. Oh, and it has the larger battery too. Was it worth it then? Maybe.

1970 Polaroid SX-70 cameras to look back

cylonlover wrote When he was released in 1972, the SX-70 Polaroid, with its foldable design reflex, reflex was the first instant. It was also the first camera to use Polaroid instant full time new film that contained all chemical layers necessary to expose, develop and fix the photo. Photojojo now offers limited edition Polaroid SX-70 cameras were all restored to the state of work, and part of the instant film is also available.

$ 5 million files Torrented Presented as Art

Wired ideonexus shears thus: The art gallery is currently exhibiting a 404 room Manuel Palou called ’5 million, a terabyte is a sculpture consisting of a 1 TB external hard drive containing 5,000 worth. $ 000 illegally downloaded files. The hard disk is displayed on a pedestal in the gallery. ideonexus adds: There is a PDF file stored on the unit with links to torrents. I want this to be an exhibition every trial in which damages are claimed for giant copyright infringement.

Microsoft adds Acer, ViewSonic to the list of patent license


You can go ahead and add Acer and ViewSonic to the long list of Microsoft’s patent licenses . This morning, Redmond announced a pair of new licensing agreements with both companies, a few months after striking similar agreements with Itronix and Velocity Micro . Details, however, are few and far between, with Microsoft, saying only that it will receive royalties from ViewSonic and the patents in question relate to both companies Android tablets and smartphones. Of course they do . The two press releases await you after the break.

Covers Missouri, Student teachers can not friend law

bs0d3 written with an excerpt from an AP article, as worn by Missouri senators took a step Wednesday to repeal a controversial law limiting new online conversations between teachers and students, but stirred the opposition of the governor are still trying to mandate schools to adopt their own policies about online discussions and text messages. The action by the Senate Committee on Education has just a few weeks after a judge in Missouri has blocked the new law on Internet communication teachers from taking effect because of concerns that it violates free speech rights  .

Nintendo Faces Patent Suit on the Wii

An anonymous reader writes A company called Thinkoptics filed a lawsuit against Nintendo for infringement of the motion controller used with the Wii. Apparently, they do a similar product called the Remote Wavit, and they have obtained patents describing its operation. And they chose the parameter most likely to give a victory. The U.S. Court for the Eastern District of Texas Now, this does not mean that Wavit Thinkoptics-maker will get a victory, but the circuit court in particular, tends to favor the patent relates to everything else. The patent in question, U.S. Patent Number 7,796,116, is titled electronic equipment for the vision of pocket absolute basis of the scoring system. Thinkoptics main argument in this case is that Nintendo had prior knowledge that the Wii would be reached based on the Trademark Office rejected claims in some Nintendo-filed patents.

Kokuyo CamiApp paper brings back to taking notes (video)


Between Samsung Galaxy Note and the Boogie Board Rip , a mini-trend has emerged at IFA last week, with companies trying to bridge the gap between paper and notebooks digital cameras. Japanese office supplies maker Kokuyo seeking in action, using devices that consumers already have. In August, the company CamiApp was released in IOS, with a version of Android to come later this month. The software scans and digitizes the handwriting, letting users edit, highlight, email, tag and share information with applications like Evernote and Dropbox . Applications are specifically designed to work with the next smartphone-friendly notebook paper company. According Kokuyo, the books have special features that make the digital capture easier. Eight different laptops will be available tomorrow. The company is also working to make laptops available CamiApp abroad.

Apple continues Samsung iPhone in Japan over alleged patent violations iPad

It looks like Apple patent spat with Samsung has reached the land of the rising sun. Reuters
reports that Cupertino is to take the Korean manufacturer in Japan to court over alleged violations of patents relating to the iPhone and iPad. Japanese Kyodo
News agency reported the news first, citing anonymous insiders who claim that Apple is looking to halt sales of allegedly infringing patents Samsung Galaxy S smartphones, seeking 100 million yen (about $ 1.3 million) damages. According to sources, the first hearing took place in a Tokyo District Court on Wednesday, but a court spokesman declined to comment on the pending case. Neither Samsung nor Apple have commented on the suit and the details of the patents in question are unclear, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

Michael Hart, the inventor of the E-book, dead at 64

FeatherBoa writes Michael Hart, founder and long the driving force behind the Project Gutenberg in 1971 and the inventor of the electronic book died at his home in Urbana Ill, September 6, 2011. Project Gutenberg is recognized as one of the first and longer-lasting online literary projects, gave birth to sister projects in Australia, Canada, Germany and other places to translate the literature of public domain and make it available via the Internet.

Marvell debut first single-chip modem LTE world of smartphones, and tablets

There LTE modems and there are LTE modems . Last Marvell is the kind they – the kind you do not see (or lose in your bag), but are happy to have inside your machine. It is also a first, connectivity package for FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE, HSPA +, TD-SCDMA and EDGE networks in a single-chip design that promises to reduce the manufacturing cost of these devices . If Marvell has its way, you will also see this particular modem in more than just phones and tablets – the company also sees that it is used in everything from cars to televisions and set-top boxes. Full press release is after the break.

Hidden wireless diagnostics application in OS X Lion

WankerWeasel writes The latest version of Apple’s operating system, OS X 10.7 Lion, hid Wi-Fi diagnostic application that allows the user to view information about the performance of wireless network performance record, and also capture raw images. Hidden in the system folder of the application is designed for Apple Tech diagnostic use, but is also very useful for any user interested in Wi-Fi diagnostic or monitoring of network performance problems.

The microbes produce energy as they clean up nuclear waste

An anonymous reader writes Researchers from Michigan State University (MSU) have isolated and explained the phenomenon that causes microbes to generate electricity while cleaning nuclear waste. The team hopes to use their results to create a microbial fuel cell that is capable of generating renewable energy while it cleans environments exposed to nuclear waste. The bacteria in the team studied is a kind of Geobacter is covered with a mantle of tiny nanowires that protect natural bacteria from toxic materials. While completing the complex task of stabilizing radioactive spills, bacteria simultaneously creates energy that can be exploited and used as a power source with zero emissions.

Note Optimus LG slider emerges from South Korea’s dual-core Tegra 2 contender

Samsung has certainly had his moment of glory last week, but it seems that another attractive smartphone will soon come out of South Korea – this time as the rating of LG Optimus – which occurs in nature and with one shot Press escape. We say a function dual-core 1.2GHz Tegra 2, with a 4-inch WVGA display NOVA and Gingerbread. We can also expect a shooting game with a primary 5-megapixel LED flash at the rear, a front VGA camera in front, 8 GB of internal storage and direct WiFi capability. The device itself is 12.3mm thick, which can accommodate a row of four sliding QWERTY keyboard. Although this version seems destined for the territory LG home, we can not help but wonder if we’ll see similar specifications in the Optimus slider that is bound Sprint. In addition, because the phone has not yet become official, perhaps a last minute name change is in order? As you ponder that last point, hop break and take a squint at the best of Mr. Blurrycam.

HP Pavilion dm1 refreshes with a new design, Intel ULV CPU Core i3 (video)

Eight months is the year of dog in the world of consumer electronics and yet we still have a weakness

for HP Pavilion dm1 , a very cheap 11.6-inch ultraportable that ushered in the AMD Fusion chips long overdue. HP has announced the second generation model, which includes some refreshments spec bumps, and a new design and a software add-ons (because we loved so much bloatware load in the original!). Setting increases performance out of the way, it will now be offered with a processor Ultra Low Voltage Core i3, while blending options now include the E-300 and E-450 chips (so far, it has been sold with the E – 350). AMD will launch versions for $ 399 with the Core model i3 fetching $ 599 or more. For some reason, even HP does not seem able to explain, the Intel version will come with an external optical drive, but models of AMD will not. At least you know you’ll get more Intel brand name for these extra two hundred dollars. The version with the black, non-reflective cover will go on sale this fall, with the number brighter charcoal available earlier. Until then have a look at our hands, bumps and go with the video.

Obama administrator wants hackers charged as gangsters

GovTechGuy wrote The Obama administration wants hackers to be prosecuted under the same laws used to target organized crime syndicates, according to two officials who appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning the article. ‘Sub – Assistant Attorney General, James Baker and Deputy Special Agent Secret Service in charge of Pablo Martinez said the maximum penalties for cyber crimes have failed to keep pace with the severity of the threat. Martinez said pirates are often members of criminal networks. Secret Service investigations have shown that electronic complex and sophisticated crimes are rarely committed by one individual, said Martinez.

Arduino hacker lamp mimics salon Pixar, IKEA disses in the process (video)

Oh, look – it’s Pixar lamp iconic Frankenlife brought to the real world. Well, not really, but automation, voice activation mod is as close to the icon of the movie studio as a kit of piracy and five euros in a Swedish furniture store can you get. The prototype, affectionately called The IKEA lamp annoying or SM-1, came ArduinoArts finalist for the SeeedStudio contest Grove toy kit. Led by the Industrial Engineer Javier Lander, the project marries two servos (one in the database and in the lamp), motion sensors and sound, a three-axis accelerometer, LED light panel and audio to an Arduino shield , springing from the modjob to program the alert and irritation. We welcome Javier avoiding mawkish road well traveled , and giving the fire a banal office grumpy old man makeover. Click past the break to see this desk accessory curmudgeonly in action.

Fisker EV Surf shooting brakes to make waves in Frankfurt


Frankfurt ready to hang ten as teaser images of Fisker Automotive is shooting brake electric whisk again fell just in time for the performance of the car in the city on September 13. Affectionately known as the surf, two-door sedan is the latest incarnation of Karma , Fisker wide range of electric vehicles was launched last year. Although the company will not release any details on the new ride at the moment, we expect it to be somewhat similar to the old model of the company, which has two electric motors of 150 kilowatts, a turbocharged 2.0-liter I-4 and a lithium-ion battery. Join the ranks of luxury cars like the other FF Ferrari Surf the top-of-the-last design is guaranteed to be a change knotty variety of luxury four-door standard, and you can bet we’ll be there for the full reveal.

Scientists create a new kind of superconducting son

An anonymous reader writes: Israeli scientists have used technology created in a U.S. lab funded national research to create a new kind of spun yarn from sapphire crystals, which is a far better driver than the son of traditional copper. The research could have profound implications for renewable energy generation because many are in remote locations. It could help bring more electricity from renewable sources for cities.

Book Review: JIRA Essentials 4

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/gAAY1ejJlzk/Book-Review-JIRA-4-Essentials:

frisket wrote The JIRA issue tracking system has been around for seven years and has proven popular commercial and open source environments because of its licensing agreements (free to certain categories of organizations, and the source code available developers). The release of v.4 in 2009 (currently 4.4) made some major changes to the user interface and research, a new plugin architecture and the ability to share dashboards projects outside the system. Patrick Li JIRA 4 Essentials is a comprehensive guide interface and facilities that both present the material simply and avoids the trap of simply being a guide to the menus. Although it is primarily for the administrator, it will also be useful for the desktop user who want an autonomous system. Read on for the rest of the review of Peter.

Blu e-cigarettes alert you when another smoking nearby, hoping to add social networking

We have seen before , cigarettes electric Blu Cig is designed to provide users with a  healthy way to get their daily dose of nicotine without the use of conventional cancer stick. These fumes can now be found in a sophisticated intelligent pack that alerts you to other users in the 50-foot, perhaps talk to some illuminating small wrinkles, but the ashes of induction. This week the smoke got an upgrade with a strong battery and a cartomizer practice that allows you to adjust the level of nicotine and flavor depends on how hard you’re fiending. Do not worry miss, as the Smart Pack will automatically rearrange your smoke when supply dips – how kind. In the future, the company hopes to integrate social networking features to like-minded e-smokers can build relationships of their habits. But honestly, what is more addictive – nicotine or Facebook? Check the PR after the break.

The State of Open Source Software

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/kRacN3IwYT4/The-State-of-Open-Source-Software:

snydeq writes InfoWorld Peter Wayner provides an in-depth look on the status of open source software and an overview of the best open source software of the year. ‘It is easy to find hundreds of other positive signs of open source domination . If the mere existence of a tar file full of code from the lower regions of a device that beeps buried deep in someone’s pocket is all you need to feel warm and fuzzy of open source, one might conclude that the open source development is the most dominant platform in the increasingly dominant in the future, Wayner writes. But anyone who digs a little further it is not so simple. Although the label open source is becoming more pervasive, the company is still a long way from the vision of Richard Stallman of a world where anyone could reprogram anything at any time. patents, copyrights, and the plot of corporate issues are more important than ever for the community, and more to find the words open source are no guarantee of freedom to tinker and improve. Some cynics even suggest that the bright, open future back as Linux and other open source tools grow more dominant. Included in the writeup are the best open source applications, the best open source desktop and mobile offerings, the best open source development tools, and best open source software for data centers and clouds.

Find My iPhone used to identify a plane crash in Chile

spagiola writes Last week, a military transport plane with 17 people aboard disappeared in the vicinity of Robinson Crusoe, Chile. The parents of the victims of a crash recorded in Find My iPhone and were able to isolate the coordinates the last known location of the aircraft before it crashed Extract from the article. Admiral Francisco García-Huidobro said the foundation has received much attention today, and that it has to do with an iPhone owned by one of the victims of the accident Aereal of Juan Fernandez, in a range of Bahia Carvajal. The phone signal can be captured using the GPS system, however, the water eventually stop it. Nevertheless, García Huidoro said they were able to trace the last position where the signal of the last generation, which will be released tomorrow.

Can Deliver new rims Rover germs Mars?

astroengine writes While the idea of infect the red planet with our germs is not new, a microbiologist believes the next Mars rover may be more likely to become a lifeboat microbe. Andrew C. Schuerger of the University of Florida and Life Sciences Lab at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, believes the problem may lie in the way NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) will land on Mars -. first previous Mars rovers wheels sat on top of a lander platform for at least two Martian days (sols) before venturing into the regolith;. any surviving bacteria attached to their wheels have been killed by the harsh UV light that bathes in March as the wheels of the MSL will immediately contact the regolith straight after entry, there may be an increased chance of contaminating Mars with the terrestrial bacteria. But again, as Schuerger admits, the risks are minimal.

Single-Chip DIMM to replace large sticks of RAM

MrSeb wrote Invensas, a subsidiary of microelectronic chips Tessera company, has discovered a way to stack multiple DRAM chips on top of each other. This process, called multi-die face-down packing, or for short xfd , massively increases the memory density, reduced power consumption, and should pave the way for memory chips faster and more efficient. Multi-die face-down packing is exactly what it sounds like, a stacked memory dies each other like tiles. Much like a normal desktop and a laptop DIMM SO-DIMM, each of the stacked die is connected to another series -. but in this case, connections are much shorter, as they can just throw a few micrometers below the chip is where all the improvements in power and speed come from: short interconnections means less power is needed (and therefore less heat is dissipated ) and the signals propagate faster.

Some CA is Too Big To Fail?

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/6exXg8gdel0/Are-Some-CAs-Too-Big-To-Fail:

Trailrunner7 wrote In the wake of revelations this weekend on the severity of the attack on the certificate of authority DigiNotar, security experts have renewed criticism of the infrastructure of the Internet’s digital certificate, with wondering if some certificate authorities (CAs) may be too big to fail. Is Mozilla and Microsoft and Google have canceled trust root certificates from VeriSign or Thawte, had they been compromised? Improbable. This n is not a simple matter to remove the certificates from a database because they are not at all bases, said Moxie Marlinspike researcher, who presented an alternative approach to existing infrastructure SSL DEFCON last month. We can never keep them all.

Bulldozer chips AMD ships 16-core servers, making consumers wait their turn

Interlagos AMD’s server-style bulldozer chip – Mr. Opteron 6200 to you and me – is pushed to retailers and manufacturers ready for launch in October. AMD is calling the first 16-core x86 processor, although we know of required reading , it was eight to two core modules common rather than the 16 independents. The chips are compatible with Socket G34 motherboards, but most of this first production run will go directly into projects supercomputer. AMD is silent on the progress of the Zambezi consumer level, but rumors are that the company can not clock fast enough to compete with Intel Core i7 – the very class that was designed bulldozer to bury.

Court orders govt to disclose data from GPS

First accepted the concealment sender sent in this link which reads: U.S. officials of repression were using the data from global positioning system satellite to track individual suspects, without having to show probable cause before a trial judge – that much is known. rights groups such as the ACLU have asked, how this is happening? The investigation by the rights group practice has inadvertently triggered a renewed debate on privacy over public disclosure, and if it is possible for an organization or other entity to disclose information that could lead the subsequent revelation of personally identifiable data (PID), without formally violating privacy. The end result could set a new precedent for the privacy policy, not only by the government but for business as well.

Opera promises multi-application platform for intelligent TV, gives us little to complain

Opera has guts to go up against the likes of Samsung in the emerging field of Smart TV applications. Then again, its new showcase brings something different to the table: namely, a dashboard that strictly adheres to web standards HTML5 and others, so that applications can run on any platform. Content providers like Vimeo and DriveCast have already signed and TV manufacturers should not be far behind – especially as the browser engine behind it is claimed for the smooth running even crappier cheaper processors. Opera has even published an emulator to make life easier for application developers to smaller, for one reason or another, can not afford a test all TVs. Opera has a long way to go, but pleasing everyone all the time is probably a smart strategy for any oppressed. PR after the break.

Verizon FiOS HD DVR Review (1.9)


It seems that most have never learned to really enjoy a DVR, instead of thinking just like a VCR without tape. If you’re like us, you love your DVR, but wait impatiently for the next – that would be great. It is therefore with great anticipation that we ran the new FiOS HD DVR upgrade (1.9) to the test. Probably the greatest day since Verizon has released a DVR, it was instantly loved by those lucky enough to have access, through its external storage, enhanced multi-room functionality and smooth new user interface 16×9 HD. But does it meet our expectations? And can it compete with the likes of TiVo DVR or Windows Media Center? Well, you just have to click on you for those answers.

Ask Eben Upton Director About the Foundation raspberry Pi

When Eben Upton does not work as an architect for Broadcom ASIC, he was the Director of the Foundation of raspberry Pi Foundation is a registered charity in the UK that exists to promote the study of computer science and subjects related, especially at school level. Raspberry Pi plans to develop, manufacture and distribute ultra-low-cost computer for use in teaching computer programming to children. Their first product is about the size of a credit card, and is designed to plug into a TV or be combined with a touch screen tablet at low cost. The expected price is $ 25 for a reference model a device, and $ 35 for a device Model B with integrated 2-port USB hub, Ethernet 10/100 controller and 128 MB of additional RAM. Eben has agreed to answer your questions about what it takes to make an ultra-low cost computer, running an educational charity, or anything else. Usual Slashdot interview guidelines apply: ask as many questions as you like, but please keep one for comment.

Iridium satellite phone AxcessPoint turns your mobile into a hotspot

Hello traveler. Have you discovered that you sorely miss being connected to the Internet while wandering in the desert or adrift at sea? Of course, you could buy a satellite modem, but after dropping a cool grand on a satellite phone , you’re probably not trying to break the bank just to check your e-mail. Iridium new AxcessPoint may be just what ‘re looking for. Of course, the $ 200 asking price for this device bridge-to-card size is not exactly stupid change, but it is much cheaper than other solutions. Just plug it into an Iridium phone is compatible and you have an instant mobile hotspot. Yes, the speeds will be the variety of sub-dialup and you will have to pay $ 1 for each minute of data used, but it’s a small price to pay to be able to check your latest offers Groupon while floating in the middle of the Sargasso Sea. Check the PR after the break.

3TB Hard Drive Round Up

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/tgNFl_g4p-Y/3TB-Hard-Drive-Round-Up:

MojoKid wrote When the hard drives of 3 To arrive motherboards compatible with the new configuration utilities UEFI are not quite ready for prime time. However, with the latest Intel and AMD hit the market, has become commonplace and UEFI compatibility with 3TB drives no longer a problem … A detailed look at four of the last 3TB hard to hit the market from Hitachi, Seagate and Western Digital … shows that there are some distinct differences between them. Performance-wise, Seagate Barracuda XT 3TB disk seems to be the current leader, but other, slightly less hard, come close.

Samsung and VMWare Virtualization Bring to Android

jbrodkin written an interesting article in Ars Technica on virtualization and telephones. Extract from the article: The mission of VMware to bring virtualization to the mobile market gained significant support last week when Samsung is committed to using VMware software to build business-friendly smartphones and tablets The project known as mobile Horizon Android phones will use the virtual machine technology. to run a second instance of Android, in much the same way virtualization runs on servers and desktops. The user has basically two completely separate phones running on a single device, and can switch from one individual to the company by clicking on a phone at work  icon . There are other alternative approaches to push virtualization on mobile devices.

Bill Gates, Patents ‘Virtual Entertainment’

theodp writes In 80 years, Bill Gates and his girlfriend, then went on dates virtual watching the same movie simultaneously in different cities and talk on their cell phones. On Tuesday, Gates and 15 co-inventors were issued U.S. Patent No. 8,012,023 for ‘Virtual Entertainment’, as Microsoft explains: The subject innovation provides systems and methods that provide immersive entertainment, and create a sensation of a user (s) which is similar to have guests (which are in remote locations) to be presented as a virtual guest to the user during the execution of an event (eg a live sporting event, audience games, TV shows, games and others). And what Audre Lorde said that stupid is no new ideas!

Cable Displays leak heavy U.S. influence on the policy of Swedish copyright

By starting on Slashdot, Seez writing with a piece of Rick Falkvinge a recent diplomatic cable release. From the article: Among the treasures of cables Wikileaks recently published, we find one whose importance has circumvented the Swedish media. In short, every proposed law, all orders and all government reports hostile to the net, the youth and civil liberties here in Sweden in recent years have been commissioned by the U.S. government and industry interests. This is from a founder of the Pirate Party and so perhaps a bit exaggerated, but is certainly evidence in the cable that the U.S. has had some influence Swedish copyright. The U.S. government seems particularly upset that the Swedish public does not seem to think anything wrong with copying of protected works, and (not unexpectedly) was quite concerned that members of the Pirate Party might actually be elected.

Marx may have a point

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/fx7ueA6MsMI/Marx-May-Have-Had-a-Point:

Hit the main page for the first time, Black Sabbath, wrote While communism was declared dead and buried (with some exceptions stubborn), the diagnosis of Karl Marx evils of capitalism seem quite tap money . Harvard Business Review blogger Umair Haque lists that Marx may be right. It’s a pretty good read once you get past three of the author paragraph disclaimer that it is not a communist. The new MIT has also conducted a short interview to discuss economic trends in August, morning.

Sonnet announces RackMac mini Xserver, makes office life seem more legit Apple IT

We’re sure some of you that recently revamped Mac mini desktop on your server, but now you can give the appearance of a server room adult. Thank you to Sonnet , you’ll soon be able to rack mount your Thunderbolt Sportin ‘PC in a delicate shell 1U. The company announced that, from the expected arrival of the system in November, it will be decked out with a PCIe 2.0 x4 slot, and 75W power a thunderbolt garland of port. This apple-speed port adapter will use the Thunderbolt massive display mode same server or metadata controller. To use scenarios again, hit the full PR here or browse the product page via the link cover.

Full Duplex Wireless Tech could double the bandwidth

CWmike writing Rice University scientists said Tuesday they have successfully demonstrated full duplex wireless technology that would allow a doubling of traffic on the network without the need for more cell towers. Ahutosh Professor Sabharwal told the innovative technology requires a minimal amount of new equipment for both mobile devices and networks. However, it requires new standards, which means it might not be available for several years as carriers move to networks 5G, has he said. By allowing a cell phone or other wireless device to transmit data and receive data over the same frequency, unlike today’s technology, the new standard could double the capacity of a network. Rice has created a research platform wireless open access (WARP) with open source software that provides a space for research with other organizations to innovate freely and discuss innovations in full-duplex.

Flybus consortium puts the brakes on energy waste, it rejects the asphalt

For anyone who is connected time city bus surfing, you know there are many heckuva power in these cases and starts screaming. So it goes without saying that there would be a way to capture the kinetic energy and mix immediately to the car itself. Well, that’s exactly what the consortium aims to Flybus with a prototype that uses a flywheel Ricardo Kinergy to store energy created from braking, and redistribute it via a continuously variable transmission. The hybrid configuration is supposedly much cheaper to produce than existing, more expensive EV rigs, and would also go a long way towards reducing fuel costs for commercial vehicles. Reducing eager for a peek at the design of the group can get a look to see when it is shown off this month in the event of low carbon vehicles in the UK. For all others, there are the source links below.

Tech Company To Build Ghost Town In New Mexico Science

Charliemopps sends this excerpt from an AP report: New Mexico, home to several of the first scientists of the nation’s nuclear and military institutions, plans to take part in an unprecedented scientific project – a model 20-square – mile of a small American town. A technology company in Washington, DC, announced plans Tuesday to build the city of the state’s most recent ghost of any test innovations for renewable energy systems, intelligent traffic, the next generation of wireless networks and smart grid cyber security systems. While no one will live there, the city will answer modeled after a typical American town of 35,000 inhabitants, with roads, houses and commercial buildings, old and new.

AMD accidentally leaks DiRT 1.7 million 3 key

An anonymous reader writes: The free game with each graphics card has finally turned against the face for AMD and Codemasters. Due to a lack of. Htaccess, 1.7 million of keys for a free copy of DiRT 3 on Steam have been released. Not a word from AMD or Codemasters, but I’m sure that Valve will block all codes on Steam at One question that remains:. if you used one of the codes, will ban your Steam account, it could be a very unfortunate few players later today if that happens? . The exact number of keys is at stake – reports range from 250,000 to 3,000,000 – but AMD has confirmed that a leak occur.

NVIDIA’s CEO sees significant growth in the treatment of mobile quad-core tablets come this year

During a sitdown with reporters yesterday, Nvidia chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang discussed the short and long term financial prospects of the business, while providing an overview of the quad-core depth of the future. According to Huang, NVIDIA expects to garner between $ 4.7 and $ 5 billion in revenue in fiscal 2013, with revenues from its mobile chip unit should fungi increased tenfold in 2015 to a whopping $ 20 billion. Huang acknowledged that these predictions could be affected by external factors, including the ongoing wars of patents between the tablet and smartphone manufacturers, but did not seem too concerned about their immediate impact. At this point, it seems that it’s much ado about nothing, he said. In fact, Huang provides a fairly robust growth in the mobile processing sector, estimating that about 100 million devices that will chip this year – a figure that could soon rise to one billion on the strength of more than smartphones affordable, efficient ARM processors and the rise of ultra-thin notebooks. And, despite its recent setback , Huang expects Android tablets include a full 50 percent of the market in the near future, saying that NVIDIA Tegra chips 2 are currently in half of the slate of Google OS, and about 70 percent of all handsets based on Android.

In the short term, in the meantime, NVIDIA is currently developing its mobile quad-core processors – which, according to the exec should be included in tablets during the third or fourth quarter of this year (quad-core smartphones, however, may be further down the road). Huang also sees room to develop wireless, snapdragon, as processors, with NVIDIA’s recent acquisition of Icera , but it has not given up GPU either, predicting that demand for graphics performance will remain stable . The loquacious CEO then divine Windows 8 will support applications designed for Windows 7 (implying perhaps that Microsoft’s Silverlight platform will play a major role in the development cloud-based future), while supporting more smaller than the clamshell devices with keyboards will eventually prevail over the Ultrabook strategy Intel has been continued. For now, however, Huang seems quite comfortable with the position of NVIDIA in the market for mobile treatment, citing only Qualcomm as the primary competition. We are seriously the only people on the dance floor with Qualcomm, he argued, adding that companies without a solid strategy is moving in deep shit. You can find more ideas to Huang source links below.

Is Nintendo 3DS joystick add-on?


End reports from the Japanese magazine Famitsu say that Internet has the scoop on Nintendo 3DS analog add-on we heard about last month. A page of the magazine (above) shows a cradle rather fleshy hugging the sides of the clamshell, stereo, R2 would add a touch more of a buffer circle to starboard. Plump devices may have been designed specifically for Monster Hunter G-Tri, a surprise (not confirmed) game that was released in the same issue of Famitsu makes no mention of updating the material reported that accompanied the last analog module on hearsay -. And price, release date and official confirmation of Nintendo still deserted area, of course.

Silverback Starke city bikes charging your gadgets, your thighs firm

Cyclists have a lot to be proud of – what with their great gams, above average lung capacity and choice of engine environment. But Tech is not exactly an area that falls outside of the province for it, unless they are a sports bikes Starke Silverback. The line of city bikes offers up to four models for lovers of two wheels, but the Starke 1 and 2 which have drawn our attention to gadget-obsessed. Included in the head tube of the frame or bike is powered by a USB hub dynamo that will play nicely with any of your devices at low voltage. If you are looking for an electric motor assisted cruise , you will have to choose one Starke, but otherwise two speeders nine shares as part of the same nickel alloy and weigh about 30 pounds. Sound like your type of driving the 21st century? Then press the source link below for your personal tour of high tech bikes.

South Korea Censors Censor Its owner

Decora writes The EFF reports on a case of Internet censorship in South Korea. The blog of Professor KS Park was recently established to review the standards of Korean Communication Commission, who heads South Korea diagram censorship online, blocking about 10,000 URLs per month. The unusual thing here is that the park itself is a member of the commission, he was appointed to the post by the opposition party known as a freedom expression advocates Other committee members allowed him to make changes to his blog. now, but promised to take action against her in the future.

Tech MSI reversible fan keeps dust, cooled graphics card

We’ve all been there, trying in vain to remove the caked dust on the fans inside our platforms componentry. It is mostly a futile enterprise, but here to save us from the horde of dust bunnies invade our graphics card is MSI technology dusting. Available on the company Lightning Xtreme edition of the GTX580 , soot is destroyed by this card fans spinning at full speed in the opposite direction for thirty seconds after starting. This is apparently an effective way to throw off the accumulated grime spinners and (hopefully) in a place that you can actually achieve. Unconvinced that it will work? Well, Mosey on over bub source link, and prepare you for the video evidence supplied by the fan evisceration dirt.

Why fax refuses to die

snydeq writes Deep End of wax Paul Venezia confused on the continued existence of the fax machine Think about what the fax is actually: .. a small device with a sheet feeder, a scanning element terrible, and a fax modem oldest operating at 14,400 bps is just over 1 KB per second -…! and people are still using faxes to send 52 pages of poorly scanned some contracts to another on analog phone lines sometimes while paying long distance charges are dreaming, Venezia writes. If something as frighteningly stupid that the fax can not live, we wonder how we are making progress all the old habits die hard, it just goes to show you: .. Bad technology is not usually the problem is the People who persist in using this technology rather than embracing alternatives far superior.

TiVo Premiere Elite provide quad tuners, 2 TB storage for sale this year

When TiVo announced its first quad tuner DVR, the Premiere Q , fans were shocked to learn that he would only be available via cable operators, and it presented a relatively small 500GB hard drive. Fortunately, the company has rectified both issues, announcing the TiVo Premiere Elite, a series quad tuner DVR 4 with 2 TB of onboard storage, which will be available through, Best Buy Magnolia stores and authorized installers home theater. There is no word yet on price or exact release date, as this is still pending a waiver from the FCC allows TiVo to sell the box without OTA or analog cable tuners, which makes cable Digital (or Verizon FiOS) that experience. It is also THX certified and most of the press release is devoted to focus on the nature of high-end TiVo hardware is loose. Also overlooked so far is a commercial edition of the Overview TiVo box multiroom extension, but we should get some time on their hands with this edition quad tuner soon at CEDIA 2011. For now, just check the press release, particularly after the break, and for our European readers Engadget Spanish you covered the launch of the first TiVo to Ono in Spain.

Update: The official / elite page is online, and reveals that the price of $ 499 service with $ 1,000 for a lifetime subscription.

Stratosphere Samsung made ​​his obligatory visit to the FCC, Verizon confirms LTE membership in the club

We know the picture above is just as detailed as those we have looked this morning, but it has its measure of the importance however. This is a sketch of the Samsung SCH-i405 – a phone known to us that the stratosphere – as it appears in documents filed FCC approved today. The documents’ references to LTE band 13 (as well as CDMA / EVDO) seems to confirm the rumors suggesting that the above apparatus will be coming to Verizon’s 4G network, probably sooner rather than later. If you have been looking forward to a slider QWERTY Epic 4G-esque on the largest carrier in the U.S., it will be your golden opportunity. Of course, this can be a drop in the bucket compared to an impending flood of even more tempting combination .

Carol Bartz Is Out As CEO of Yahoo

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/JMqyOHKXULM/Carol-Bartz-Is-Out-As-Yahoos-CEO:

itwbennett sends word that Carol Bartz is no longer the CEO of Yahoo. Company CFO Tim Morse will take the responsibilities of the position temporarily. In an email to Yahoo staff, Bartz said she was fired over the phone by the Chairman of the Board of Directors. AllThingsD blog sums up the situation: [When Bartz replaced Jerry Yang], it presented an image take no prisoners and has been touted as someone with a reputation as a professional manager who could clean the place is not, as. it turned out. As Carol Bartz has streamlined some areas and made some solid hires management, performance has been significantly dented and mostly downhill. The share price has settled in at about $ 12.50 (about what it was when Bartz took over), Yahoo recent financial results have been weak, the key advertising business is in trouble, its rate attrition among engineers and others is surprisingly high and the cycle of product innovation seems clogged.

Groupon Puts IPO on hold

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/oXEY-2M28Z4/Groupon-Puts-IPO-On-Hold:

Accepted its bid first, news tips quantr plans IPO Groupon, which triggered skepticism about its high valuation and promoted the claims of a new dot-com bubble, were put on hold amid regulatory concerns and concerns about the market volatility. According to the WSJ, When the company filed to go public in early June, he drew criticism for its high marketing costs and unprofitable operations. The company was also asked by the Securities and Exchange Commission to remove an unusual accounting metric, known as consolidated adjusted. Segment operating income, which painted a more robust performance last week, the SEC also contacted a lawyer Groupon on another matter, said a person familiar with the situation: a leak of an internal memo Groupon chief executive Andrew Mason to its staff, in which he praised the company and criticized its detractors. making public statements about the financial situation of a company during an IPO is prohibited by SEC rules.

NEC MultiSync P241W monitor packs more e to your LCD TV


We know it’s pretty hard to get excited about yet another 24-inch IPS . But if we told you that NEC MultiSync P241W was packing something special … namely, e letter No, wait, do not go. Look, it’s 1920 x 1200 e-book really serious IPS, color reproduction for professional and viewing angles for a price that is not too bad ($ 749) given the target audience. In addition to the response time of 8ms, ambient light sensor and ECO mode options, the monitor includes a USB hub with DisplaySync Pro, which allows you to use a single keyboard, mouse and monitor to two computers. The P241W will begin shipping later this month, and check the gallery below and the PR after the break for more specifications.

Scientists are developing small-molecule unique electric motor

The size is definitely not better when it comes to the first single molecule electric motor, which measures less than a nanometer wide – to the prospect that lash hanging from your left eye is about 60,000 times more great. Single molecule motors have been used for years, but the new method uses a scanning microscope at low temperature tunnel to power and control of the molecule more efficiently. In the future, scientists could use the technology for things like lab-on-a-chip devices , equipment, miniature medical tests that require a motor to push the fluid through tiny pipes. Tufts researchers responsible for discovering warn that practical application is still a ways off, but hopefully they will hang a Guinness world record , independently. After hearing the news, both Pinky and the Brain are fully feel more confident about their goals for life.

SSD cost is worth it, users say

from: ~ r / Slashdot / slashdot / ~ 3/IM1kJI2Ye0Y/Costly-SSDs-Worth-It-Users-Say:

Lucas123 writes When you pay $ 30 000 for a PCIe flash, he had best demonstrate an ROI. While users are still struggling with which the state of storage costs as solid when they are targeted technology applications to right, the results can be staggering. For example, when Dan Marber, a systems engineer at Bank partner, made just three SSD for its BI applications, storage flash outperformed 60 15,000 rpm Fibre Channel drives in the small block reads. But when the SSD Marber used for large block random reads and all writes, the 60-pin 15K crushed the SSD, he said,

Sony hires former Homeland Security Infrastructure Protection Chief

jmobley6030 written with a little Gaia on Sony Gamer firing the big guns for their security infrastructure. Quoting: .. A few months after the great things PlayStation Network Attack starting to return to normal around the world of video game Though it does not seem like another attempt to hack will be held as soon as Sony is afraid it could happen again Sony has announced today via their news feed companies that have hired Philip R. Reitinger, an official of the former internal security, as information agent security chief at Sony.

THX Media Director Star Wars coming to Blu-ray


While you were beautifully express your concerns in recent changes to the original trilogy, THX exec Rick Dean to miss the next Star Wars Blu-ray version will offer new business director of the media. Technology provides metadata on disk, THX Media Director allows home theater compatible devices such as TVs and Blu-ray to adjust the appropriate settings. The decision to offer technology for the release of Star Wars is the first set of keep it in the family for Lucasfilm, says Dean – because if there’s one thing Star Wars knows, keep it in the family , right? The Blu-ray release is set for Sept. 16.

Why patent reform will not happen anytime soon

jfruhlinger wrote If people had understood how patents would be granted when most of the ideas were invented today, and had taken out patents, the industry would be a complete standstill today. So said Bill Gates in the 1980′s Now, of course, Microsoft is one of the largest holders of software patents around And that’s the key issue of software patent reform: .. Companies that had the most incentive to deal with the problem found cheaper and easier to purchase up war chest of patents, and instead the Congress does not act unless the major stakeholders .. (Read: big business) make a stink

Vizio held tablet software update promises performance increases in abundance

No, it is not yet Honeycomb, but Vizio has just released an update for its eight-inch tablet that promises quite a few improvements, including better graphics performance, faster navigation user interface, and better battery life. Home Theater minded people also probably happy with the updates to the company Universal Remote Control app, which now has support for up to 95 percent of all electronic devices in North America.

Android App roster NFC taps to speed data transfer Bluetooth

What may seem like technology designed to add some Bond-flick – here, the roster of experts Android App NFC has added features to its latest version – unique tap transfer of a new reality. As reported earlier, it uses Bluetooth to send data, but a friendly bump replaces the traditional matching process, accelerating the exchange of dramatically (as we have said, perfect for spies overloaded). We have seen magic like this before, and we will certainly see as the NFC becomes more ubiquitous, but what’s next? NFC to NFC file transfers, no middleman required. Fist bump for this.

Russia wants to Shut Down For YouTube piracy

GE7 writes A recent leak of confidential diplomatic cable revealed a growing interest in Russia by closing sites copyright infringement. Russian Deputy Minister of Economic Development said that not only U.S. sites continue to offer pirated movies Russian, but YouTube and Google should be closed for not complying with local laws.  The U.S. government has already attacked the torrent sites and a link hosted elsewhere, extradition of foreign nationals for piracy and provided training on how to close the Web sites of piracy. Voskresenskiy went on to say that in his opinion, no country in the world is ready to fight Internet piracy. He argued that all existing laws, including U.S. laws are antiquated and do not respond to new technological trends. For example, [Voskresenskiy] said that YouTube and Google (as the owner of YouTube) should be closed because they do not conform to the current Russian laws on IPR. He admitted that it was not feasible, but continued to emphasized that these entities need to follow local laws, even if the laws are outdated, the cable added.

AT and T Sprint taillights track suits against the acquisition of T-Mobile

Well, it did not take long. Sprint revealed today that it has filed a complaint against AT and T proposed the purchase of T-Mobile – AT and T and now is striking back with some less than flattering words. A spokesman for AT and T says Engadget, it shows just what we have said all along – Sprint is more interested in protecting it by promoting competition that benefits consumers. AT and T has also promised a struggle and reiterated that such a merger would ultimately be beneficial for industry and consumers, improving wireless service and resolve concerns of the spectrum.

Rent your Botnet owner

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An anonymous reader writes New research shows that the botnet TDSS/TDL-4, widely considered one of the largest and most sophisticated, can be rented via a Web storefront available to all comers. Kaspersky researchers found that the latest version of TDSS installs a file that defines the machine as a proxy for anonymous browsing, then home for phones, which rents the proxies for rates of $ 3 per day to 300 $ per week. The curators of this service has even created a Firefox extension to help customers. Interestingly, AWMproxy said he supports payment via PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

Google Desktop Search and Gadgets Kills

CWmike wrote an article in Computerworld on the destruction of yet another Google product. Extract from the article. Google has decided to retire from office, its first application launched in 2004 that is designed to allow people to search for files and data stored in disks of their computers’ hard He was one of the first products to Google against Microsoft and was designed to improve the search functionality found in native Windows. Desktop search has become an area of ​​competition, Microsoft has responded to this challenge and others like Yahoo has launched its own products. However, Google has decided that with the popularity of cloud computing users and increasing comfort with Web applications, it is time to dismantle the office, he said in a recent blog. As of September 14, Google will also end support for Desktop API, services, gadgets and plug-ins. From the looks of it the ad implies that Google Gadgets are the ax too that a little more people could use.

Based Kinect Breakout whole building

mikejuk writing with a piece of light in a programmer I Kinect neat hack and giant projector. From the article: If you remember Breakout – blocks a row at the top of the screen and a paddle to bounce a ball to destroy a block – then you might not feel nostalgic about, after all, it was very limited. kind of game. But take a Kinect and a building and you have something very different when you use it to create a game Breakout. bricks, paddle ball and all projected on an old building and player moves from side to side to control the paddle. The player’s position is to be detected by a Kinect, is there no end to the fun you can have with this gadget. The very clever bit and you might not notice unless you look closely at the video is that the ball bounces real architectural features of the building – such as windows, for example.

Intel added 16 Sandy Bridge processors at stable prices, bars on old silicon

It has been several months since AMD has thrown down the gauntlet to Intel with its low-cost range Llano , and now Chipzilla responded with some new bargain basement sand silicon bridge . The update includes 11 new desktop processors: a chip i5, i3 three Core, and a handful of Pentium and Celeron dual-core as well. There are also five new mobile chips, including three new quad-core Core i7 (2960XM, and 2860QM 2760QM), and dual-core Core i7-B840 Celeron and 2640m. In a nod to separate these tough economic times, Intel cut prices on some of its existing models, too. Certainly, it is only a six percent reduction, at best, but we are sure that you can put those dollars to good use elsewhere in your next DIY platform.

Hitachi CinemaStar and Deskstar drives up to 1TB flat on one plate

No self-respecting drive head wants to travel beyond the bare minimum to get the bloody MP3 you just clicked. That is why the effort to cram Hitachi 1 TB on a single plate with a cozy 569 gigabits per square inch is a lot of sense: it reduces the distance between the blocks of data, thus improving the rate on the hard drive sequential transfer, while reducing consumption of calories. You will find these ultra-dense disk in the new 1TB Deskstar 7k1000.D 5k1000.B and models that started shipping today and in the range CinemaStar come later this fall. Of course, Seagate came first , but we will be happy to overlook this fact when Hitachi decided to use a whopper five 5TB plate to go with our lettuce. Features in the PR after the break.

Maingear intros redesigned gaming computers Vybe, animals’ em with the internal update

If you have been hunting for a new rig Windows 7 games, we have good news: the Maingear just increased its range of desktop Vybe and it seems that appetizing. As before, there is a trio of pre-made versions, but the goodies are now packaged in a redesigned enclosure finished in black or white (SE and SS models only). The S $ 949 Vybe starts things off beautifully with a overclocked 2.9GHz Intel Core i5 2310 valued at 3.3GHz (capable of stimulating Turbo 3.7GHz). It’s still loaded with a 1 GB NVIDIA GPU GTS 450 , 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD 7200 RPM, 7-in-1 card reader, 7.1 surround sound support and a 24x DVD burner that’s all hooked into a USB 3.0 / SATA 6G DP67BA Intel motherboard. The $ 1.129 spices things with a 2500 estimated at 3.7GHz overclocked i5 (4.1GHz to build) and a 1 GB GTX 560 GPU is connected to a SSD-toting – UD3 Gigabyte Z68XP mother. Finally, there is the $ 1699 Vybe SS for those who like their noob-slaying experience with additional picante. It is the packaging and an overclocked water-cooled 4.5GHz + Core i7 2600K, a pair of GTX 560 GPU and 8GB of RAM to ensure you will not incur any hang-ups run Crysis.

You can choose to customize the platform OS and SS with more powerful pieces, although you will wait a little longer for shipping. You can find details at the source and healthy serving of eye candy in the gallery below.

Sprint filed a complaint against AT and T T-Mobile Merger

Zachary wrote a new post in the BGR. Extract from the article. … Sprint announced that it has filed a complaint with a federal court of U.S. District of Columbia in an effort to block AT and T planned $ 39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile United States Deutsche Telekom’s costume is linked to the Ministry of Justice continued, which was filed on August 31. opposes Sprint AT and T proposed acquisition of T-Mobile, Sprint vice president of litigation Susan Haller said. Through legal action today, we continue this advocacy for consumers and competition, and expect to bring our expertise and resources by proving that the proposed transaction is illegal.

Paralyzed Robot control patients with brain waves

sciencehabit written with a writeup of a document of French research in science. Extract from the article. They are not psychic enough yet, but machines are getting better at reading your mind researchers have invented a new noninvasive method for recording modes of brain activity and used to control a robot Scientists hope the technology will. give ‘locked in’ patients … the ability to interact with others and even give the illusion of being physically … with friends and family. The thing really interesting here is that people who did not use their members over the years were able to learn to control the robot (as well as the control group only) after being trained in just one hour a week for six weeks.

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro just wants to dance in the world, forget the price tag

In addition to reviewing, as the dance floor illuminated in our favorite club, the Maschine of Native Instruments also inspires envy among the brigade MIDI for its wealth of features and reasonable price tag of $ 600. Come October and be completed by Maschine equal Tony Manero-tastic version of Mikro, for those with a spouse or even stricter bank managers. Despite the reduction in size, you always get a drum sequencer with 16 keys and the full version of software production. Debuting at the same time will iMaschine – an application that helps you to sketch iOS hooks and loops on the go. The Mikro Maschine arrive worldwide on 1 October for $ 400 and iMaschine cost you $ 5.

Torch BlackBerry 9850 Verizon officially arrived in September 8th $ 200

After more than a month of speculation and rumors , Verizon is ready to get the BlackBerry 9850 Torch in the hands of eager customers. At a cost of $ 50 higher than its nemesis CDMA (not to mention a few weeks back), Big Red jumped on board to offer the smartphone to reach only $ 200 with a two-year contract. The devices will begin selling online 8 September with units appear in stores a week later. If you want the scoop on new full Verizon OS 7-powered searches, continue below to view the press release.

Wicked Lasers launches pocket of a watt green laser

First accepted sender (encoder and Slashdot) convincing, wrote Wicked Lasers, known for last year 1000mW laser blue pocket, and infamous for his handling of backorders six months long, is now available a green version. There are three power levels, each for $ 1/mW (300mW, 500mW, 1000mW). Since the eye is more sensitive to green than blue, that’s about the state of the art by bringing the points – on-technology stuff. Wicked Lasers sent an e-mail promising to deal with backorders much better this time. Adds reader whitedsepdivine: There is currently no warning that this is not a lightsaber on their site, so we can only assume that this version is.

BMW working on Laser Projectors

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MrSeb wrote LED headlamps are only run on the market – especially on high-end cars – but now it seems a German car manufacturer has some plans for laser projectors Laser light is the next logical step in the development of light for the car …. mass production a few years in the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid, said BMW lasers have the potential to be simultaneously more powerful, more efficient and smaller than other types projector before you get too excited, though: .. out of laser lights will be adjusted for safety.

Mini Liquid Acer Ferrari gets-fied, can not do it faster


Acer Liquid Mini will not beat speed records anytime soon, but at least it can look like a Red Hot runner now that he has received treatment Ferrari. Following the Liquid E skid marks’ s, the liquid Ferrari Mini Edition has a bright red outer shield bearing emblematic of the manufacturer and ships preloaded with ringtones engine, racing on the theme wallpaper and for other applications. Under the hood, however, is the same, based on the combined Gingerbread filled with 512 MB of RAM, a 3.2-inch screen, five megapixels and rather disappointing 600MHz processor. No word yet on when the device will hit the runway, but you can get closer to the source link below.

Ask Slashdot: Classroom eco-projects tailored to Alaska?

Submitter Shortyadamk first accepted in writing I just started a new job where I have to visit many high school science classes and students involved in projects of 1-3 days on sustainable energy science and the environment (in order to promote regional universities. programs) I looked at a number of projects supervised available online and many of them are solar projects, my biggest problem with this is that we are in a region rural Alaska and most of the time I visit classes will be the winter (when we have very little light – and even if we did it would be too cold to play in). I’m curious whether anyone has any ideas or suggestions for demonstrations and projects that can be done in class and do not require sunlight catch another is that the project should be small enough to fit in a plastic case or tote;. we do not all roads connecting the villages, I have to fly the project from one school to home.

Sony Alpha DSLR-5N for sale, NEX-7 available for pre-order


Our network of eagle-eyed tipsters gave us the heads-up that Sony has $ 700 NEX-5N is willing to buy the device online fans, and curious can view last month practice before deciding to part with the cheddar much. The company is also taking pre-orders for the monstrous NEX-7 , which costs $ 1,350 – slightly more than we expected. This camera has 24.3 megapixel sensor, AVCHD video can take up to 10 frames per second and can probably see around the world or something. It will make its way to farms in November, giving you just enough time to learn how to save face disappointed everyone – come Christmas morning – in detail tearing.

Stanford AI class beta for a commercial launch?

Submitter Lyrdor first time accepted, wrote The terms of service for the Stanford Artificial Intelligence points to the class how the free class this fall will be used to develop and evaluate the online course prior to commercial release of the course  KnowLabs called by a startup. While all accounts of the press so far have highlighted how the course would be another example of open educational resources at Stanford, under the service point to something else going on. On the LinkedIn David Staven, co-founder and CEO least know Labs, the startup is described on his profile as an angel funded start to re-imagine and revolutionize education by using the social web and mobile applications . We launched and attracted more than 130,000 students in 190 + countries.

(Possible) Hacker Diginotar appears

arglebargle_xiv writes At the risk of burning people on the topic of PKI fail, someone claiming to be the pirate Diginotar came to claim responsibility: the pirate ComodoGate 0wn He also claims four more ‘high – Profile KT. and still has the ability to issue new certificates thugs, presumably from other CA 0wns it. What this statement is true or not, which leads to the violation in the first place? Dr player points to the interim report commissioned by the Dutch government (PDF) that a) No antivirus software was present on servers Diginotar a, b) the most critical servers had malware infections c) The software on the public web server has been exceeded and unpatched, and d) all the servers were accessible by a user / password, which was not very strong and could easily be brute-force.

Losing battle against the USPS Age E-mail

An anonymous reader writes An article in the NY Times explains how the United States Postal Service is in serious financial difficulties, and will need emergency measures of Congress to prevent a shutdown later this year. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said simply: If Congress doesn ‘t act, we will default. Employment contracts prohibiting layoffs are preventing one of the ways to reduce costs, and laws prohibiting the postage rates of inflation than keep a low income. In addition, the proliferation of e electronic and online bill payment services have contributed to a 22% reduction by mail volume since 2006. They are now hoping for legislation that would ease their economic requirements and is considering an end to the provision of Saturday.

Gamer food PS3 and Xbox 360 in one case, clears the shelf space for the trifecta

Of course, we all thought about how it would be nice to have our PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles in the same enclosure. But, like many similar thoughts are going, we left there. Not content to simmer a good thought, the user Reddit
timofend accepted the challenge and has built a mega-machine gambling – he thrust the new model Slim console from Microsoft in a tower next to a PC old 80GB PS3. Looking to save money in the process, the über-gamer jumped on a liquid cooling system – but notes that when the two machines operate simultaneously, they each hover around 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius). Hey, we’re not complaining … but really, timofend, can we please see a NES / Dreamcast / PlayStation OG combo in your next masterpiece? To take a look under the hood, hit the gallery below.